Politics, Yield, and Test Years: An Insight into a World’s Diverse List of Agricultural Crops

Politics, Yield, and Test Years: An Insight into a World's Diverse List of Agricultural Crops

What does the research and research team look like?

Pannekoek joke: “The ILVO team conducting various experiments and I am responsible for them consists of 13 people. We have a total of more than 40 test fields all over Flanders, in different soils. Together, these test fields contain more than 2,500 small plots. We are testing. New varieties are in these lots and we always grow at least a few of the same good varieties to compare the new varieties with the ones on the list. “

“Every year we examine about 100 species, of which about 35 are already on the list. In addition to the experimental field research, crops are also examined in the laboratory, for example, dry matter content and other properties and characteristics. Breeders paid about 3000 to 5000 euros. For these studies. “

“Within our team, green fingers are not only an important feature of the employees, but technical skills are also important. The plots of land in the pilot fields are small (about 10 to 15 square meters) and require adequate vehicles, which in many cases are specially designed by our technicians. It is manufactured and maintained, like a small shearing machine that makes sampling possible. “

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