United States: vaccinate? You don’t need a mouth mask anymore, not even indoors. ‘

United States: vaccinate?  You don't need a mouth mask anymore, not even indoors. '

An unexpected relaxation of coronavirus rules in the United States: Those who have been fully vaccinated no longer need to wear a mouth mask, inside and out.

The CDC Health Service issued the National Recommendation Thursday evening, and President Joe Biden triumphantly confirmed the new guidelines for cameras at the White House.

“Those who are fully vaccinated can participate in small or large activities indoors and outdoors without wearing a mouth mask or maintaining a physical distance,” said Rochelle Wallinski, Executive Director of the CDC, Rochelle Wallinski. She gave two reasons:

  • The coronavirus pandemic is rapidly losing momentum in the United States thanks to a rapid vaccination campaign. In the United States, 35.8 percent of the population has already been fully vaccinated, compared to 12 percent in the European Union. More than 46.6 percent of Americans have already received at least one dose.
  • In addition, scientific studies indicate that vaccines are also effective against infections without symptoms, which means that vaccines are less likely to transmit the virus without its knowledge and pass it on to unvaccinated people.

The American authorities hope that this relaxation will have the side effects of continuing to be vaccinated by skeptics. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been under increasing political pressure to give vaccines a greater “advantage” in everyday life, but says the decision was made for scientific reasons. Previous vaccine dilutions were limited.

Mouth maskless shopping

The tangible result is that vaccines can be shopping without a mouth mask, although supermarket chains and stores are still able to set their own rules. They don’t need a mask inside the restaurant either. For now, the CDC continues to recommend mouth masks generally at airports, planes, train stations, and hospitals.

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In the United States, there are wide regional differences in acceptance of mouth masks. Mouth masks are widely accepted in New York, but in some southern republican states, residents have already practically eliminated these masks. President Joe Biden called for mutual respect and asked Americans to be kind to vaccines who still want to wear face masks out of caution.

How do you know who has been vaccinated?

The main difficulty with the new regulation is that it is difficult for companies and stores to determine who is now vaccinated and who is not. There is no generally accepted “vaccine declaration” or any other evidence.

According to some American virologists, the dilution also comes early and sends a false signal that the epidemic is over. Because if unvaccinated people – who are a large group – leave their mouth masks at home en masse, it could lead to an unnecessary spillover of the pandemic, and criticism. (MAh)

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