“The British are not bound by the Brexit Protocol”

"The British are not bound by the Brexit Protocol"

The United Kingdom is not in compliance with the Brexit agreements (Northern Ireland and Ireland). According to the agreements, the boundaries between the two regions will be strictly controlled, but this is not happening. The British also unilaterally postponed the transitional period for these border inspections to 1 October. This creates new frictions between the UK and Brussels, says European Union correspondent Stefan de Vries.

The British say the protocol is not applicable. This will empty supermarket shelves, long lines, and more bureaucracy. The UK wants to conclude new, more viable agreements with Brussels. The European Union is clearly against the British. Special error. The European Commission has already indicated it will impose fines if the British continue to break the rules.

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An easy solution for the British would be to adapt their standards to those of Europe. “That would solve almost all the problems, but it would create a lot of resistance on the part of the English politicians,” de Vries says. This amendment would cancel the “ take-back principle ” that was supposed to abolish Brexit.

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