Unit4 sets up a new sales organization in Europe

Unit4 sets up a new sales organization in Europe

Unit4 is creating a new European sales organization consisting of two regions: Western Europe and DACH/Eastern Europe. Belgian Lode Maris has been appointed as the Regional Head of Western Europe for the business software resource.

The appointment of Lode Maris coincides with Unit4’s decision to refocus its sales approach and divide Europe into two regions. Maris is responsible for the Western European region, which includes the countries of Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. 780 employees work in this region; Unit 4 has a turnover of 54 million euros.

In addition, there is the DACH region and Eastern Europe, which includes Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Maris began his career at business software company Sage as a consultant, and four years later moved to Full Speed ​​Systems Integrated ERP, where he worked as a financial advisor. Maris began his career at Unit4 in September 2007, then in the position of Director of Sales. With several intermediate steps, Maris was promoted to Director of Sales for New Business Central and Western Europe at the beginning of this year, now serving as Head of the Western Europe region.

Maris succeeds Tom Duhok with his new move. According to his LinkedIn profile, he works as CEO of clients at Amsterdam-based TestGorilla, which manufactures recruitment software for human resources departments.

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