‘Ukrainians take shelter in fertilizer factory’ • US provides more military support

'Ukrainians take shelter in fertilizer factory' • US provides more military support

Defense Minister Olungren said that the Netherlands will continue to supply arms to Ukraine as long as necessary news hour† “We can still help, we can still do things. Some things we can give now, other things we can buy and deliver and there are still other things we can give with other countries. We cannot abandon Ukraine and Russia does not reward this aggression.”

Two weeks ago, Prime Minister Rutte said at a press conference that the Netherlands would not provide Ukraine with heavy weapons for the time being. Olungren wanted to enter news hour Say nothing about the type of weapons that can be provided. We don’t advertise it.”

Minister Olungren said in the same broadcast that with the knowledge we have now, we can determine that we have been naive for too long in our dealings with Russia. There were several moments, when relations between the Netherlands and Russia were still relatively good, already clarified the direction in which Russia was going, she said. “Just like in 2007, when Putin gave a speech in Munich where he basically announced all this. And in 2008, when Russia invaded Georgia.”

“We linked the consequences to MH17. From that moment on, our relationship with Putin and the Kremlin deteriorated and eventually froze. Knowing today, it would have been better to invest more in defense at that time. But we also had enormous financial resources at that time. Crisis.”

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