Ukraine killed Russian generals using US intelligence right now

Ukraine killed Russian generals using US intelligence right now

Ukraine was able to locate and kill Russian generals thanks to information from US intelligence agencies, senior US officials confirm in a conversation with New York times† The Ukrainian authorities said earlier that they had killed about 12 Russian generals on the front lines.

The administration of US President Joe Biden is not only providing Ukraine with updated intelligence about the battle zone, but also about expected Russian troop movements. According to the spokespersons, the information is derived from recent US assessments of Moscow’s secret combat plan to fight in the Donets Basin in eastern Ukraine.

The United States informs Ukraine of the location of the mobile headquarters of the Russian army. Ukrainian officials combine this geographic information with their own intelligence, such as intercepted communications about the presence of high-ranking Russian officers who were going to launch attacks.

The Americans confirmed the presence of targets identified by the Ukrainian army and also indicated the whereabouts of other targets. He said the amount of useful intelligence on Russian troop movements that the United States has provided to Ukraine is unparalleled New York times

Washington fears escalation

The US officials who spoke to the newspaper did so on the condition of anonymity. Washington tries to keep much information about the battlefield secret because it fears it could lead to escalation.

To track the movements of Russian forces, US intelligence agencies have used secret and commercial satellites and other sources since the invasion began. To protect their methods, US officials have not disclosed exactly how they obtained the information about the Russian headquarters.

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