UBS rolls out mini cameras in offices across the country

UBS rolls out mini cameras in offices across the country

What started as a prototype in an investment bank in Zurich-North is now being rolled out by UBS across Switzerland:

New “smart” build sensors.

Officials want to use this to record “temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide values” indoors.

The project is internally controversial. Because the sensors are equipped with a camera.

“Further improved functionality” (UBS; IP)

“These sensors use a low-resolution camera, but they do not transmit videos or images,” UPS chiefs said in a letter to “all employees” at some of the large bank’s buildings on Tuesday, a week ago.

What distinguishes the sensors is that they recognize “changes in movements and temperature”. This will help administrators understand which “workstations are being used more frequently”.

A second sensor is responsible for measuring the temperature. It allows UBS chiefs to draw a “heat map,” according to the letter to employees.

You want to know “how many people are in a certain area at a given time”.

cheese! (UBS, IP)

The goal is to design the office landscape in a way that best supports “new and flexible ways of working.”

UBS chairs dedicate the last section to “Data Security”. First, they indicated that the sensors would not record “any personal information.”

They then emphasized that the “sharing, archiving and destruction of recorded data” would be “in accordance with the Bank’s stringent data protection guidelines.”

In other words: the set was made in the form of Gogo, but always in such a way that the internal instructions were not scratched.

Big brother? we? So please, it’s about the climate.

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