Types of motorcycle carburetor based on the gas valve and venturi shape

Types of motorcycle carburetor based on the gas valve and venturi shape
Description of the type of carburetor for motorcycles. Photo: Ist / Net

The type of motor carburetor varies depending on the shape of the venturi and the gas valve. The carburetor is an important component of motor vehicles that still use the conventional fuel concept.

Currently, the carburetor is beginning to undergo changes with a concept that continues to evolve, one of which is the fuel injection system. If you still compare it to carburetor motorcycles, injection motorcycles are actually quite economical. Especially in terms of fuel consumption.

In general, the function of the carburetor is to adjust the air-fuel mixture and control the engine’s high and low revs. The component in the carburetor is a gas valve connected to the handle via a cable broker. This allows for the intake gas valve (SKEP) so that the engine can adapt to the circulating RPM gas.

There are many types of carburetors for two-wheeled motorcycles

All components of a motorcycle play the same important role without exception. This is because all components work together to drive the engine. In this case, the carburetor has an important function, especially when burning fuel oil or ppm.

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A carburetor is a component that combines fuel and air at a certain speed so that it turns into a fog of gas or gasoline. So that gasoline becomes more flammable and thus energy.

The amount of gasoline mist depends on the opening of the propellant gas cap. Speaking of carburetors, there are several types of carburetors for motorcycles that you need to know about:

Carburetor type based on a venturi shape

Depending on the shape of the hatch, the motorcycle has three types of carburetors, namely:

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Convertible sliding carburetor or variable Venturi / Venturi carburetor

This is carburetor with an arbitrary venturi so it places the throttle valve on the venturi and is powered directly by the gas cable. So, how to change the diameter of the venturi according to the flow of the fuel-air mixture in the carburetor.

Hard risk carburetor

Venturi diameter cannot be changed in this type of company. The amount of air flow depends on the valve change in gas or throttle valve.

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Usually there are constant speed test aircraft. Secondary primary gear system works to complete the mixing of fuel and air at every speed.

In fuel delivery, this type of carburetor is only powered by the injection control jet. This is because the needle shape has a narrower design. In this way, it can reduce the number of extra channels in the plane (spoiler) and standard venturi carburetor.

Fixed speed carburetor / Fixed speed carburetor

This type of motorcycle carburetor is a combination of the above carburetor. This type of carburetor has another name, which is vacuum carburetor.

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The valve in the venturi changes the diameter of the venturi with the movement of the piston. This chest movement with negative pressure on the venturi.

Type of carburetor based on the shape of the gas / scape valve

There are several types of carburetor depending on the shape of the gas or scape, the details are here:

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Corporator B.

This type of motor carburetor is suitable for those who like high speed. The PE carburetor is suitable for 105cc-125cc motorcycles and traction racing. In addition, this type of carburetor has several sizes such as PE 24, PE 28 and PE 38 with the following characteristics:

  • SCIB sizes range from 20-38 mm.
  • Standard Setting Yellow (NSR SP) and Black (Sudco)
  • Circular chrome-plated scape
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Top-down pull with good performance

PJ Corporator

This type of motorcycle carburetor has a chrome-plated oval valve or valve. When compared to the circular concept, the oval concept has a faster haze path. In general, the PJ carburetor is intended for two-stroke motorcycles that have a very high fuel consumption.

PWL Corporation

It is a kind of motorcycle carburetor with good lower wind performance, but the upper part often loses its breath and the ventilation is diminished.

Corporator DM

With the box shape, this type of motorcycle carburetor has better performance than the round carburetor. Because the incoming air is soft and tight.

DMX corporator

DMX semicircular motorcycle carburetor concept. DMX carburetor has the advantage of acceleration and power range even at all rpm. (R10 / HR-online)

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