1900 kilometers by bike in nine days: a “battlefield” | 1 Limburg

1900 kilometers by bike in nine days: a "battlefield" |  1 Limburg

After more than 1,900 kilometers on the bike in nine days, Sjors Hegger of Metik, the race around the Netherlands, has finished.

On his “Holland Tour” Sjors spent days spending twelve hours on the bike. “More than half of them dropped out. It was really a battlefield.”

Been completed
Sjors finished twenty-fourth place. A special feat for someone who has been cycling fanatically for only seven months. Especially in this year’s weather conditions, which were heavy due to wind and rain.

“In Den Helder wind force 8 and from Emshavn to Harlingen more than 100 kilometers wind power 5 on the nose. Biking upwind for five to eight hours. It was very difficult. Sometimes I wondered if that was justified. Left to right by the wind. ” Not only did the strong winds scam the participants, but the rain also contributed.

The most beautiful is on the way
According to Sjors, the most beautiful part of more than 1900 kilometers across the Netherlands was undoubtedly southern Limburg. “The most beautiful part of the road is the sand dunes, the Veluwe and the South Limburg. Among them, South Limburg is the most beautiful. I can ride all but one of the hills. I lost which one was, but Cauberg and Keutenberg, which I rotated.”

Exercise a lot
He doesn’t know yet if Sjors will participate in this race or other endurance races. It takes a great deal of preparation to participate in races like this. “I lost three kilos. You cannot train 100 kilometers a week. I have bike 400 kilometers a week for four months. It takes a lot of time.”

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His participation in Race Around The Netherlands was a lifelong experience for Sjors: “The whole experience and the conversations with the other participants were really nice. It was such a wonderful and weird experience, and I’m glad I had it.”

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