Two ways to help you not detect Zalo messages

Two ways to help you not detect Zalo messages

Saturday, August 7, 2021, 12:55 PM (GMT +7)

With just a few simple steps, you can quickly hide the content of Zalo messages, limiting the prying eyes of others.

Most of the current OTT apps like Messenger, Zalo… allow users to set a security lock code, avoiding other people’s curiosity when they open the app and look at the content inside.

Zalo is one of the most popular messaging apps today in Vietnam. Photo: Pexels/MINH HOANG

How to set the Zalo security switch

First, update Zalo on your phone to the latest version via the App Store or Google Play. After that, users just need to open the application, switch to Personal – Account and Security – Set Zalo Key and activate the option to set the lock code.

Two ways to help you not detect Zalo messages - 2

Set a passcode to better protect the app. Photo: Minh Huang

Next, set up a 4-digit passcode to protect the app. From now on, users have to enter additional keycodes or use fingerprints to access Zalo.

Note, if you forget the lock code, you have to uninstall and reinstall the app, which means all message and call data will be erased (if not backed up).

Two ways to help you not detect Zalo - 3 messages

App lock will help you to reduce Zalo message leakage. Photo: Minh Huang

Turn off the feature to appear before the content of Zalo messages

To limit the prying eyes of others, you should turn off the feature that appears before the content of Zalo messages by opening the application, switching to the Personal section and clicking on the gear wheel icon in the right corner.

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Two ways to help you not detect Zalo - 4 messages

Turn off the screen before Zalo messages. Photo: Minh Huang

Then, users just need to find the notification section and turn off the message preview option. From now on, the content of Zalo’s messages will no longer be displayed in the notification center, and instead, users will only see the “You have a new message” content.

Two ways to help you not detect Zalo - 5 messages


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