Twitter Fleets was criticized for being like Snapchat and Instagram stories

Twitter Fleets was criticized for being like Snapchat and Instagram stories

The social networking site Twitter added a way to make posts that disappear after a few hours, which angered the site’s users.

Twitter has called the “new” feature Fleets and it’s already roasting for it.

The company said it “shares fleeting ideas” but also shares its name with a popular product “bowel irrigation”.

After a trial in Brazil, the feature has been expanded to global Twitter users.

Many of them hate it and think Twitter should focus on fixing the features it already has.

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Content disappearance is not a new idea and has already been introduced on a number of other platforms including Facebook. Instagram Stories was also criticized when it was first introduced but has since grown to become the main focus and interaction point of the app for many people.

It remains to be seen if that happens on Twitter, but so far users are enjoying roasting the “new” feature.

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Some have defended the app decision but hope it will not result in the site becoming like any other social media platform.

The debut fleets of many people were pics of themselves, which led to some unfortunate ego checks for some on the social media platform where people don’t even know what some of the most popular posters look like.

Others are already tired of the whole conversation.

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