US Election Updates: Hand-held recount in Georgia confirms Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump

US Election Updates: Hand-held recount in Georgia confirms Joe Biden's victory over Donald Trump

So what’s the Trump campaign strategy now?

Are you under the impression that the Trump team is really expecting to get anywhere with the lawsuits, or are they delaying tactics to cause disruption? One country, if it’s close, I can not understand, but it sounds ridiculous.


It’s an interesting question, M. I’m not going to pretend to get an insight into the mind of the Trump campaign, but we’re seeing a lot of these lawsuits dismissed relatively quickly, and there are suggestions from people closer to the campaign. Yes, it’s more about delaying the inevitable at this point.

Reuters reported that the Trump campaign is moving toward a new strategy to persuade Republican lawmakers to intervene in the conflicting states that Joe Biden won.

They cite three sources that confirm this strategy. A senior Trump campaign official told Reuters the plan was intended to cast enough doubt on the results in critical states to persuade Republican lawmakers to step in and set their own voter rolls.

That’s what many of these allegations of voter fraud are designed – without evidence – to: cast doubt.

The Trump campaign has already asked a judge in Pennsylvania, where Biden won 82,000 votes, to declare Trump the winner, and said the Republican-controlled legislature should select 20 electors for the state’s electoral college.

While legal experts see it as a last-ditch effort that is unlikely to succeed, they say the strategy represents an unprecedented attack on the country’s democratic institutions by an in-office president. One of them told the Associated Press:

“It’s very worrying that some Republicans apparently cannot understand the likelihood of losing these elections legitimately,” said Joshua Douglas, a professor of law at the University of Kentucky who researches and studies election law.

“We are relying on democratic norms, including the losers kindly accepting defeat.

“This seems to be collapsing.”

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