Tweets about keeping up with the Kardashians end

Tweets about keeping up with the Kardashians end

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The show has been airing since 2007, and the next season will be its 21st.

Twitter has understandably lost its mind, so here are some of the best news reactions.


Some people were desperate:


While the others were finally at peace:


Many did not know what to feel:


While some questioned the veracity of the announcement:

False alarm to everyone, they did not say the Bible! @ kourtneykardash @ KimKardashiankhloekardashianKrisJenner #KUWTK


Some people were baffled:


Some have speculated whether Kourtney (who recently left the show) caused:

Kourtney Kardashian said she will not be in the next season of KUWTK and after a few months they announced that next season will be the last season …… KOURTNEY IS THE ZAYN OF THE FAMILY


This guy was only happy that Rob and Courtney were free:

The Kardashians: With a sad heart we say goodbye to KUWTK, it’s been 14 years and 20 great seasons and we’re so grateful for all the precious moments- Kourtney and Rob:


Many of us feel sad about losing the desire to watch the Kardashian / Jenners:


And the strange distraction that it gave us from everyday life:


While others are willing to learn and grow from this:

I’m ready for Kris Jenner’s book on business and how to create a multi-million dollar empire


A lot of people assumed how Kourtney should feel, because Kourtney’s desire to leave the show was a plot point for the seasons:


With some questioning her immediate reaction:


Others make her happy:


Others wondered what Chris would do next:

I think Kris Jenner will be fine, but Kris, here’s the career aptitude test if you’re interested.


Some expected Chris to join Real Housewives Franchise:


Another wondered if she would finally pursue her dreams, appearing on Broadway:

Kris Jenner will finally have time to make her Broadway debut!


Or maybe you take over as a manager for another family:

Kris Jenner is on her way to find some new kids to photograph Keeping Up with the Kardashians with #KUWTK


Some people are just excited about the inevitable reboot of the series with the new generation of Kardashian / Jenners:

Whatever happens next, we definitely will not witness it keeping up with the Kardashians (At least not after 2021). Farewell to E’s best show! – we will miss you.

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