TV broadcast September 20, 2021 – Radar

TV broadcast September 20, 2021 - Radar

New scientific research has proven that every woman with breasts faces health risks. It was already known that old silicone implants leak, but the new “safe” versions are also dangerous. In addition, a large survey showed that parcel deliverers often mess things up. Parcels arrive too late or disappear altogether. As a consumer, who can you contact? Sony promises that the Playstation 5 will have an 825GB hard drive, but that storage space appears to be 20 percent smaller in practice. Radar checks! He asks how Sony just lost 160 GB.

All silicone breast implants are risky

A new medical article shows that all silicone breast implants leak and can cause health problems. Older implants are already known to make women sick; So it was also banned in the United States. But the new research shows there isn’t much difference between the old implants and those in use now. Therefore, all silicone breast implants are a potential risk!

Radar has been interested in the risks of breast implants for some time. The dangers of various implants were demonstrated years ago by an international journalistic investigation: The Implant Files.

Research shows that parcel delivery often goes wrong

A package of breakables thrown over the fence at the neighbors. Or an expensive device that is placed in the trash, which is emptied after 10 minutes by the garbage collector. Unfortunately, package delivery issues are more common than we would like. This is also evidenced by a radar survey, which was completed by nearly 26,000 people. For nearly half of them, parcel delivery sometimes went wrong. Then more problems follow. Because if you knock on the door of the postal company to file a complaint, you will be immediately referred to the company where you ordered your product. It is responsible if something goes wrong with the delivery, not the postal company. But what if this company doesn’t care, too?

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Sony provides incorrect information on the PlayStation 5, radar checks! get a story

Playstation customer service gives false information about Playstation 5 storage space. Instead of 825GB, as stated on the box, there is only 667GB of free storage space after installation. Customer service is also quirky stuff. Why do they do that? Fons will get a story from parent company Sony.

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