TSMC 3nm is up to 15% faster than 5nm

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TSMC New details revealed about the upcoming modern manufacturing process, The 3nm, which for the time being will be exclusive to its main client: an Apple.

According to the latest details revealed by the company, 3 nm allows it to deliver a speed increase of 10 to 15 percent Consumes the same energy as your manufacturing process 5nm (Version 1.0).

If performance is not a priority, but autonomy, just as fast as silicon with 3nm Consumes 25 to 30 percent less energyAll this by increasing logical density by 70%, SDRAM density by 20%, and analog density by 10%.

On the other hand, the company representative said that Dr. Yeh Gear Me, stated that the manufacturing process is 3nm Double the number of “recording tapes” in its first year compared to 5 nm. Masking tape refers to chip designers who finish their designs before sending them to the factory, which is responsible for refining them or starting production.

While he doesn’t explicitly link TSMC’s work on nanoscale transistors to the 2nm process, Dr. Mei did share key details of circuits that could ultimately represent his company’s biggest manufacturing leap in years. It was highlighted that nano-transistors were able to advance Tightening threshold voltage control (VT). In semiconductor design, Vt . refers to At the minimum effort required For the circuit to function, even the smallest differences can lead to design limitations and decreased performance.

According to the director, nano-transistors have achieved “showed that the nano-transistors have 15% smaller Vt differences, shown in blue, compared to the FinFET transistor, shown in red.“.

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FinFET vs. Nano Paper

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