Trying to stay positive about a bear fight is a losing battle

Trying to stay positive about a bear fight is a losing battle

I will try to avoid shedding a negative light on the bears’ unfortunate overtime loss Sunday, as negativity is the scourge of the modern world, according to trainer Matt Nagy.

So here it goes:

– These were the two beautiful right hooks that angry Javon Wems threw at Chauncey Gardner Johnson of New Orleans in the third quarter. Written items from a spacious / heavyweight receiver

– It’s cool to see black and white photos of Sid Luckman whenever TV broadcasters have discussed the scarcity of good midfielders for decades. Luckman was really good, medieval historians tell us.

The bears ‘defense continues to show immense restraint by not dropping the bears’ attack into a pot of boiling oil.

Losing an ugly close match is better than losing an ugly blasting game.

How is that? Satisfying? Wafaa?

I do not think so.

The Bears are 5-3 after losing 26-23 of extra time to the Saints on Sunday, which means it shouldn’t be long before we hear from Nagy that people just don’t appreciate how hard it is to be 5-3 in the NFL.

That would be a tough sell, especially after Nagy was singing praises to his team after a family win over Carolina two weeks ago and losing his home to Ramez last week. And now this.

There were good things that happened to the Bears on Sunday, things that made me think for a while about getting involved in crime. Nick Foles got 50 yards off rookie Darnell Mooney in the second quarter, followed by a 24-yard drop pass to Allen Robinson to dive on the same drive. And what was this? 38 yards by running back David Montgomery in the same quarter? We thought there were laws against the running game.

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So things were going well at that point, which is why perhaps the distinguished Bears fan was saying to himself or herself, “Oh oh.”

But the truth that followed uh-oh was so ridiculous that it was almost unbelievable.

It started with a breakdown and yesterday. He seemed upset about something that had happened in the previous play, but everything the saints had done to keep him away did not guarantee the nuclear option. He “excluded himself” from the match, according to the referee, a wonderful euphemism for “what an idiot”.

No one should be surprised if they exclude themselves from the beers’ menu on Monday.

That play was followed by Bad Foles Interception. A field goal followed for the Saints, leading 16-13. All that happened after the Bears’ sad series of events is stuffing – good plays, back after New Orleans scored 20 straight points and a chance to win in overtime.

Bears don’t have a good insult, and they don’t seem to be bouncing off something silly like Weems’ behavior. Ultimately, this kind of behavior, coupled with the bad penalties and fouls the Bears committed on Sunday, is the coach’s responsibility. At one point, the headset went out in Foles’ helmet, which meant he couldn’t hear the plays being called. His wrist on his arm contained the bear plays. It exists as a backup in case the technology fails. But from the look on Folis’ face, you would have thought that he became unrestricted while walking in space.

After the match, Nagy looked like a man who was tired of indiscipline.

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He said, “There are () problems there.” “This is what bothers me, and what bothers me is that this problem is still going on. Excuse me, my French.

“… when you have someone throwing punches, when you have things going on right now with us and humiliation and you’re just trying to make things go … Then it happens, it takes whatever you’ve been working so hard to get to.” “

The Bears defense isn’t playing as well as he can, perhaps because he knows he has to win matches on his own. The Saints were without their big three recipients due to injuries, but they still had a quarterback drawback. It might not be the same as the younger one, but it still manages to do damage. If you want to make the argument that 23 bears attack points should be enough to win, you are setting a very low threshold for that team.

The truth is, a crime cannot be anything other than what it is, a unit lacking talent. The Foles had some decent numbers on Sunday (272 yards, 92.7 passing rating), but took some pretty bad bags. Nagy called some decent plays and more than a few unsuccessful ones.

“There were good things,” said Falls.

After a victory over Carolina that was not pleasing to the eye, Falls infamously said he would prefer an ugly win over a fine loss. On Sunday, he said that although it is never a good thing to lose, bears can build what they did in the Saints game.

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It is nothing if not adaptable. But you can’t blame him. He is struggling to stay positive. It does not have to involve punches.

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