Trump would have asked employees to pass on classified documents for now

Trump would have asked employees to pass on classified documents for now

After former US President Donald Trump was summoned in May to return boxes of classified documents to authorities, he asked his staff to move them elsewhere in his home. So said a former employee of Trump’s resort in Mar-a-Lago.

Washington Post Certification can be confirmed on the basis of surveillance photos. The statement is the clearest evidence yet of Trump’s attempt to thwart a federal investigation.

In early August – several months after the subpoena – the FBI raided Trump’s home. More than 11,000 government documents were found there. Washington Post He writes that the former employee was interviewed several times by the Ministry of Justice. He initially denied moving boxes of classified documents, but later amended his statement and admitted that Trump had asked him to.

The Ministry of Justice declined to comment on the newspaper’s disclosure. A Trump spokesman accused the department of leaking “misleading and inaccurate information” to the media in response.

New York times It was revealed last week that not all of the missing documents were found after a search in Mar-a-Lago. So investigators remain skeptical about the former president’s cooperation in the search for the missing documents.

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