Trump thinks climate change is not a cause of wildfires: ‘It’s cool again’

Trump thinks climate change is not a cause of wildfires: 'It's cool again'

The President met with provincial authorities during an additional visit to California. Trump argues that poor forest management led to the spread of fire. Dead trees will catch fire like matches.

Not just forest management

Scientists argue that dry wood is definitely a factor, but Wade Croft, California’s climate minister, points to climate change as the cause of the president’s fire.

“If we ignore the science (that climate change is there, liberating) and put our heads in the sand, thinking that this is only about forest management, we will not be able to protect California residents,” Crowfoot told the president.

“It’ll get colder”

The president replied, “It will be colder again. Just wait.” Crowfoot replied again: “I hope science proves you right.” Trump concluded with a broad smile on his face, “I don’t think science knows what it is.”

Wildfires broke out in California, Washington and Oregon a few weeks ago and burned a record amount of forests. Thousands of homes were destroyed and at least 35 people were killed.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is clearly making climate change a point of his campaign. He described Trump as a “smoldering climate” during a speech in Delaware.

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