Trump Says Gretchen Whitmer Kidnap Plot ‘Maybe It Was a Problem, It May Not Be

Trump Says Gretchen Whitmer Kidnap Plot 'Maybe It Was a Problem, It May Not Be

“And we have to see if this is a problem, right?” During a cold and rainy Tuesday campaign in Lansing, Michigan, he said, “People have the right to say,“ Maybe it was a problem, and maybe it wasn’t. ”“ Our people, my people and our people are the ones who helped it. ”

“I then blamed me for it.” “How did you put it in there?” Said the president, pretending to be surprised, before asking the crowd about the Michigan Democratic CEO: “I didn’t get it.”

Federal law enforcement officials thwarted a plot by a right-wing group to kidnap Ms. Whitmer.

Right-leaning militias and other organizations, as well as ordinary Michigan followers, have been frustrated with Whitmeyer’s coronavirus policies, including the ongoing restrictions, since the start of the pandemic.

This came shortly before the president used Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and the Michigan governor to criticize both.

He indicated that his rival in the general election is not ruling out another national lockdown if that is what he deems necessary to stop the spread of the coronavirus again.

“You’re really locked up, I mean this case, we have to get it to go.” Mr. Trump said of Witmer. “I don’t think she loves me very much.”

This prompted his loyalists to storm a now-familiar hymn: “Lock It Up!”

But the president appeared to be in a bellicose and optimistic mood, which at several points raised the discontent of the media.

He said laughing, “Look, I’m not commenting on that (the hymn) because every time I make a simple gesture, they say, ‘The boss led them.'” No, I don’t have to lead you, even with a little nod they say, “The president said,” Right? ”

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