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US president Donald Trump on a visit to Wilmington on Wednesday
US President Donald Trump on a visit to Wilmington on Wednesday(AP)

Rebel Republican Senator Mitt Romney said Donald Trump’s recent tweets were “clearly intended to further inflame racial tensions,” citing a recent re-tweet by a president about a young black man pushing a white woman against a New York City subway car, which was shot. 2019, but falsely suggesting it worked as Black Lives Matter.

Trump’s Democratic rival, Joe Biden, will visit Kenosha on Thursday where he is expected to meet family members of Jacob Blake – an African American who was hospitalized and paralyzed after a white police officer shot him seven times in the back, sparking fresh demonstrations and deadly unrest in Wisconsin. .

Meanwhile, the president has sparked further controversy by suggesting that voters cast two votes in the presidential election in November, one by mail and the second in person to “verify” the system, an idea implicitly endorsed by US Attorney General William Barr, who told CNN the legitimacy of doing so. Unconfirmed – although clearly against the law.

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Trump blames Andrew Cuomo’s “ incompetence ” for 11,000 coronavirus deaths in New York

This would have been a more effective attack on the governor if his death toll as President of the United States had not been 186,000.

Joe SomeraldSeptember 3, 2020 14:05


A black man was killed by the NYPD using a restraint “head covering,” the family says

His family said that Daniel Broad – who was suffering from a mental health condition – was being pursued by police in Rochester on March 23, and officers then chained him with a so-called “spit cover,” a tactic that directly led to his death.

Brod’s death from asphyxiation, which occurred after seven days on resuscitation equipment, precedes the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis by two months, but appears to be part of the same fabric of white officers who use excessive force against black suspects that sparked protests across the country earlier. this summer.

Gino Spuccia shares this report with us.

Joe SomeraldSeptember 3, 2020 13:50


Angered by Trump and Barr for suggesting people try to vote twice

Here’s Andrew Naughty to compile the reaction to the Attorney General’s recent horrific attack and persistence on democratic principles.

Like everyone else, Brookings Institution fellow Benjamin Waits describes it: “The president is urging you to commit a felony – a crime for which you could be prosecuted, even if not him. Be careful with whomever you listen for advice on how to act during this election.”

Joe SomeraldSeptember 3, 2020 13:25


Pompeo announces new sanctions against Chinese diplomats

The US State Department said on Wednesday that it will require senior Chinese diplomats to obtain State Department approval before visiting US university campuses or holding cultural events with more than 50 people outside mission areas.

Washington described the move as a response to Beijing’s restrictions on US diplomats in China. This comes as part of the Trump administration’s campaign against alleged Chinese influence and espionage operations.

The Foreign Ministry said it will take measures to help ensure that all social media accounts of the Chinese embassy and consulate are “properly identified”.

“We are simply asking for reciprocity,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a press briefing. “The arrival of our diplomats in China should be a reflection of the reach that Chinese diplomats enjoy in the United States, and today’s steps will greatly move us in this direction.”

It was the latest American move to curb Chinese activity in the United States in the run-up to the presidential election in November, in which Trump took a tough approach to China as a major foreign policy program.

And the Chinese embassy in Washington described this step as “another unjustified and barrier on the Chinese diplomatic and consular staff,” which “contradicts the declared values ​​by the United States of openness and freedom.”

Pompeo also said that the State Department recently wrote to the boards of US universities to alert them to the threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party.

“These threats could come in the form of illicit research funding, intellectual property theft, intimidation of foreign students, and opaque efforts to recruit talent,” Pompeo said.

He said universities could help ensure they have clean investments and endowment funds by uncovering Chinese companies in such funds and dropping those associated with human rights violations.

On Tuesday, Pompeo said he hoped that the dozens of cultural centers for the Chinese government-funded Confucius Institute, which he accused of working to recruit “spies and collaborators”, would be closed by the end of the year.

On Wednesday, the Washington-based Confucius Institute’s US Center, which was wanted last month to register as a foreign mission after Pompeo accused it of promoting Beijing’s “malign influence”, said the State Department had misrepresented it as the headquarters of the Confucius Institutes. .

“Contrary to what people have heard from the State Department, CI programs in the United States are independent of one another, are created and administered by schools that choose to establish Chinese language education, and are employed by people appointed and supervised by those schools,” a statement said.

Pompeo said he plans to discuss China and other regional issues with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which includes 10 nations and other Indo-Pacific countries, in virtual meetings next week.

The State Department said Pompeo will participate in another East Asia Summit foreign ministers meeting with his counterparts in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations on September 9.

On September 11, she said, he will launch a cooperation partnership with the partner countries of the Mekong River, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, with the aim of strengthening their autonomy, economic independence and sustainable development.

Also on that day, he will participate in a meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Regional Forum, a grouping of 27 nations that brings ASEAN together with dialogue partners from around the world.

Wednesday’s move goes further than a step last October requiring Chinese diplomats to give notice of meetings with government and local officials and in educational and research institutions.

The Foreign Ministry also required Chinese media to register as foreign missions and announced in March that it would reduce the number of journalists allowed to work in the US offices of major Chinese media from 160 to 100.

Joe Somerald3 September 2020 13:00


The House Oversight Committee summons USPS General Post Office Director Louis DeGuy

Here’s New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez immediately puts it down and suggests just as much.

Joe SomeraldSeptember 3, 2020 12:40


Killian Conway insists Trump’s “hidden and secret” voters will help him win re-election

He speaks in an interview with Showtime CircusKillian Conway, former White House adviser to the president, insists that there are many “hidden” supporters of her old boss ready to vote for him.

“The person who coined the term” Trump’s invisible and incognito voter in 2016, “there are more of them, and they’re more committed now, and they’ll surprise you for who they are this time, Conway said.

She cited a poll, apparently released last July from the right-wing Cato Institute, that 62 percent of Americans said they had political views they were afraid to share.

And she warned: “They are expressing themselves at the polls.”

The interview was recorded last week, prior to the Republican convention, and indeed, that prediction did not progress well:

When Jennifer Palmery was asked whether she “personally” believed in Trump, Conway – who has been inundated with book deal offers since announcing her resignation – replied: “I strongly believe in America, and I think America needs a leader for a period like this.”

Joe SomeraldSeptember 3, 2020 12:20


Mitt Romney says Trump’s protest tweets are “ clearly intended to further inflame ethnic tensions ”

The Utah senator and lone Republican attacked the Senate vote with conscience in February, standing alone in support of the President’s trial, and attacking Trump’s protest speech at New York times.

“The comments and tweets over the past few days, including retweeting a 2019 video clip clearly aimed at inflaming ethnic tensions, are simply amazing,” the senator told the newspaper.

Romney was particularly disgusted by Trump’s recent retweet of a video showing a black man pushing a white woman on a New York subway in 2019.

The tweet falsely claims the attack was the work of “Black Lives Matter / Antifa”.

The last time we heard from Senator Romney denouncing Trump’s pardon of political mediator Roger Stone, an act he called: “unprecedented historical corruption: an American president commute the sentence of someone convicted by a jury of lying to protect that president.”

Joe Somerald3 September 2020 12:00


Fox anchor Chris Wallace, whom Trump regularly insults, to be one of three moderators of the debate

The president’s campaign is already complaining that Wallace’s line-up, C-Span political editor Steve Scully, and NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker are made up of “apparent opponents of President Trump” who will not give him a fair hearing against Biden (by what they appear to be referring to) will insist on Verify the validity of his vague and absurd claims).

Joe SomeraldSeptember 3, 2020 11:40


A third of Republicans believe in the Qunun conspiracy theory

Yikes. The Daily Kos / Civiqs poll departs from the startling conclusion that 33 percent of the Republican Party believe the deep state is run by a secretive gang of cannibalistic satanic children.

Worse, 56 percent of conservatives believe such nonsense is at least “partially” true.

Justin Vallejo is your guide to the underworld.

Joe SomeraldSeptember 3, 2020 11:20


Pelosi says she was “ set up ” because of a salon row

Trump was enjoying the insult of the Speaker of the House of Representatives yesterday after she was secretly photographed at a hairdresser in San Francisco without her face mask.

James Cramp has its own side of the story.

Joe SomeraldSeptember 3, 2020 11:00

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