Trump News Live: Latest Twitter update as President attacks polls

Trump News Live: Latest Twitter update as President attacks polls

Donald Trump ended Veterans Day as it began on Wednesday, with baseless allegations of “fraudulent” elections, “fake” opinion polls, “lame” media and even attacks on Dominion, the company whose software powers voting machines across the states. United.

The president’s campaign has so far brought lawsuits in Michigan and Pennsylvania in an attempt to delay approval of election results for those two states until his unfounded allegations are answered. Mr Trump has yet to present any meaningful evidence of voter fraud at all, as the incoming Joe Biden administration quietly plots cabinet appointments and prepares for power.

After President Trump’s first public appearance in a week on Wednesday to lay a wreath for missing soldiers and women at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, the United States once again broke the record for new coronavirus cases, recording 140,543 cases in at least one day, according to it. British newspaper The Guardian. Johns Hopkins University.


The State Department “refuses to pass messages” to Biden from foreign leaders

This is just getting ridiculous. How do you get trifle?

The department headed by Mike Pompeo, who absurdly promised a “smooth transition … to the Trump administration again,” appears to be refusing to convey messages of congratulations to the president-elect from foreign governments.

Joe SomeraldNovember 12, 2020 10:27


Exclusion of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders from the Biden government

In even more dramatic news from Biden’s transition camp, two popular progressive senators and primary Democratic rivals are being held away as the president-elect picks his staff while hoping not to alienate right-wingers who fear living under their “socialist” rule. “principles.

Matt Mathers with this report.

Joe Somerald12 November 2020 09:51


Biden appoints Ron Klein as White House chief of staff

As the humiliation continues in the Oval Office, Joe Biden has been quietly pursuing his work, planning cabinet appointments and preparing for power.

Klein, 59, served as Biden’s senior aide while still in the Senate from Delaware and ran his office when he first became vice president, so the development was not surprising.

The current occupant of the role under the Trump administration, Mark Meadows, recently contracted the Coronavirus, by the way.

Graeme Massey has this on Kline.

Joe SomeraldNovember 12, 2020 09:47


Trump wins in Alaska

Not all of this is surprising, Donn’t objected.

Does this mean that the electoral process in Alaska is unquestionably watertight compared to its corrupt, leaky counterparts in Michigan and Pennsylvania – or is it just a red state that won because the Republican candidate always wins, and thus is not of use?

whatever. Enjoy the Three Electoral College Sounds.

Details with James Cramp.

Joe SomeraldNovember 12, 2020 09:42


The United States broke the daily record of Corona virus again, as the number of new cases exceeded 140,000

While Trump was abandoning election lies and debuting publicly within a week on Wednesday to lay a wreath to the missing soldiers and women at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia – a gesture not as great as it would have been if he had not pointed out those who would be willing. To die for their country as “suckers” and “losers” – The United States once again broke its record for new coronavirus cases, with at least 140,543 cases recorded in one day, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Joe SomeraldNovember 12, 2020 09:21


The White House ‘asks for the names of those who applauded the Pentagon official to leave’

The Trump administration has reportedly requested a list of people who applauded when the departing Pentagon official left the building, after he resigned after the president fired his boss.

James Anderson, Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, was a key advisor to Mark Esper, the defense secretary who Trump announced via tweet Monday that he had been “terminated”.

Bill Kristol, a Republican “Nevers Trump” and former newspaper editor who now runs Defense Democracy together, said there was an atmosphere of “loyalty oath” within the Pentagon.

“A sign of the loyalty oath now at the Department of Defense: when Jim Anderson was sacked yesterday from the position of Acting Under Secretary for Policy, he got a ‘applause’ upon leaving the building,” Kristol wrote on Twitter.

“WH called for the names of any political appointees who joined it so that they could be fired.”

Harriet Alexander has more on this.

Joe SomeraldNovember 12, 2020 08:58


“Math doesn’t care” about Donald Trump’s feelings

John Fetterman, the deputy governor of Pennsylvania, gave harsh words to Donald Trump, who claimed that the mail ballots were “illegal votes” and that he “won” the docking state – despite his loss, and the presidency, in favor of Joe Biden.

The state’s Democratic lead is nearly 50,000, making it nearly impossible for a recount to nullify the score in Pennsylvania, which was announced in Biden’s favor on Saturday.

“Mathematics doesn’t care about his feelings, and it doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings!” Deputy Governor said. “Mathematics in Pennsylvania is a curse on the president.”

Regarding the disputed votes, Mr. Fetterman told the president, “Bring him to the Supreme Court, for whatever matters to me, the Vice President will increase from 50 to 60,000 votes upon completion of all the counting processes, if not more.”

“In sum, there is no truth in any of this, and at some point we must all collectively accept that screaming voter fraud, when there is no evidence at all, is shouting“ fire ”in a crowded theater, and it is detrimental to the democratic privilege of our country Peaceful transfer of power, and we cannot accept that. ”

The president continued to make unfounded allegations on Twitter Wednesday night, indicating that Republican ballot observers were being prevented from monitoring vote counting processes.

These claims are not supported by any evidence.


White House election party event “ Super Spreader ”

A Bloomberg reporter revealed that Hailey Baumgardner, a former Trump campaign aide and private equity advisor, became the last to test positive for Covid-19 after attending a campaign event at the White House on November 3.

Mark Meadows, Chief of Staff of the White House; The test results of Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and advisor to President David Bossi, were also confirmed after the event.

Daniel Zewellner reports:

Gino SpokiaNovember 12, 2020 07:58


Almost half of Republican voters believe in the inauguration of Donald Trump

Among Republicans, only 27 percent of Republicans believe Joe Biden is more likely to be sworn in as president on Inauguration Day, according to a new YouGov survey.

The same poll found that Republicans believe, by 47 percent, that Donald Trump is likely to remain in office, despite his loss in the election to the Democrat, last week.

Mr. Trump, of course, has yet to give in.

Gino Spokia12 November 2020 07:26


Trump intends to execute more prisoners than any other president

The federal government is set to execute three death row inmates in a time window before Joe Biden takes office, as Donald Trump continues his unprecedented and enthusiastic embrace of the death penalty.

Trump in July 2019 ordered the resumption of federal executions, and this year, on July 14, the first inmate was executed, ending a 17-year hiatus.

His administration has executed seven people so far this year, and it expects to execute three more before Christmas – meaning that he will have executed more people in one year than any other president.

Moreover, no president before him had executed prisoners sentenced to death during the “lame duck” period.

The Independent Harriet Alexander Report.

Justin VallejoNovember 12, 2020 00:03

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