DeWine says Ohio is still in a state of emergency, and is announcing a new retail mask order

DeWine says Ohio is still in a state of emergency, and is announcing a new retail mask order

Columbus (WCMH) – Ohio Gov. Mike Dwyane addressed Ohioans in a statewide broadcast at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, “to discuss the critical phase Ohio is going through in the fight against COVID-19.”

The headline comes as Ohio continues to set new records for cases and hospitalizations in the state.

DeWine opened his speech by talking about the development of a vaccine by Pfizer. He said he wanted to discuss what’s happening in the state until the vaccine comes out.

“We are now in the most critical phase of this epidemic,” Dewan said.

Governor says the increase we’re seeing now is much more intense, widespread, and dangerous than others we’ve seen before.

Dwyane said some attribute the spike to more testing. The fact of the matter, he said, is that checks have not doubled, but cases have increased nearly four times.

Despite improved treatment for COVID-19 and great work by healthcare professionals, DeWine says a lot of Ohioans are dying.

“Many of our citizens are still dying. To those families, please know Ohio mourns you.

Today Governor DeWine says the question is whether we have enough people in our hospitals rather than enough PPE. If we don’t change this, he says, we won’t be able to provide the appropriate care for the Ohioans who need it

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“If nothing changes, it can all happen in just a few weeks,” Governor Dewan said. He says Ohio is still in a state of emergency.

The governor said we still have opportunities. He said we have to go back to basics, wear a mask, and wash hands. He says we don’t need to party, and practice social distancing.

According to DeWine, most retail businesses have done a good job of providing a safe place for their employees to work and for their customers to shop. However, he says there are clearly some companies out there that are short on masks.

DeWine announces the reissue of the state mask order, with a few additions.

  • Each company will be required to post a face coverage requirement mark on all public entrances to the store.
  • Each store will be responsible for ensuring that customers and employees wear masks.
  • The new retail compliance unit, made up of agents led by the Workers’ Compensation Office, will screen to ensure compliance.

DeWine also announced a new order about gatherings.

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The request will be applied to gatherings such as weddings. It will require everyone to sit and wear a mask while eating. Dancing and games are also prohibited.

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