Trump News Live: Latest election and polls updates as the president mocks RBG’s dying craving

Trump News Live: Latest election and polls updates as the president mocks RBG's dying craving
Arrest of a woman suspected of sending parcels to Donald Trump

Meanwhile, his Republican counterparts on Capitol Hill appear ready to support any conservative candidate Trump introduces, with only two Republican senators saying they still think it is appropriate to fill the vacancy near the November election.

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Report: Federal agents eavesdropped protesters’ phones in Portland

Despite public reactions and congressional hearings to reveal the extent of federal intervention on the streets of Portland during protests against police brutality, the Department of Homeland Security has not detailed the extent of the use of force and intelligence in the city.

to me NationOperations of DHS agents consist of covert operations including the interception of phone calls to protesters conducted by a task force comprising federal agencies outside the Department of Homeland Security, according to two former intelligence officers familiar with the matter. “

Agents extracted information from protesters’ phones and “cloned” them to intercept communications.

“You get an inside view of your targets, who they are, and who they’re talking to,” said a former intelligence official. Nation.

Alex WoodwardSeptember 22, 2020 00:01


Chuck Grassley will not be opposed to Supreme Court justice hearings

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley reversed his position against the Supreme Court’s confirmation hearings during an election year and will not oppose the 2020 hearings within less than six weeks of Election Day.

“Over the years, and as recently as July, I have consistently said that accepting and assessing a candidate in 2020 would be a decision of the current head of the Judicial Committee and the majority leader in the Senate,” he said in a statement to the The Des Moines Register. “They have both confirmed their intentions to move forward, and it will happen. Once the hearings begin, it is my responsibility to assess the candidate on the basis of merit, just as I have always done.”

In 2016, he said the Senate should not confirm a candidate in a presidential election year, as the Republiacns sought to obstruct the Supreme Court selection hearings for Barack Obama, Merrick Garland. Senator Grassley repeated this position two years later.

“It was very legitimate not to have one base for Democratic Presidents and another base for Republican Presidents,” he said at the time.

Alex WoodwardSeptember 21, 2020 23:44


Trump asks the crowd “Who would have been easier” to confront him: “Sleepy Joe or Crazy Bernie?”

Donald Trump has described Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as a “nice guy” and “the nicest loser” and has suggested that he would prefer to run against the former presidential candidate in the general election.

His supporters asked which of the candidates they would like to see compete with, Senator Sanders or “Sleepy Joe” Biden.

Alex WoodwardSeptember 21, 2020 23:32


Florida governor threatens to commit “unconstitutional” crimes in a sweeping proposal to curb protests

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has threatened criminal charges against the arrested protesters on a wide range of charges targeting “undisciplined gatherings” in the wake of widespread demonstrations against police brutality.

His proposal would deprive protesters of entitlement to unemployment benefits and keep people imprisoned without bail if arrested during demonstrations until their first appearance in court, among several cruel and possibly unconstitutional measures aimed at

According to his suggestion, seven or more “people in a crowd” causing property damage or injury would commit a felony.

The governor’s sweeping legislation would also make blocking traffic a criminal offense and invoke RICO laws to identify protest organizers and tie them to organized crime.

“If you do this, and you know that a ton of bricks are going to fall on you, I think people will think twice before engaging in this kind of behavior,” he said during a press conference.

Alex WoodwardSeptember 21, 2020 23:19


‘We get a third Supreme Court judge … it’ll be a woman’: Trump tells Ohioans Scotus supporters pick the ‘most important’ part of the presidency

Donald Trump, who boasts of having appointed two judges to the U.S. Supreme Court during his first term, said he would be appointed third for life on the nation’s Supreme Court following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday, which he did not mention. .

He said, “We will get a third judge from the Supreme Court … She will be a woman.” “I have five we are checking out now.”

Then he turned to the attacks on Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Alex WoodwardSeptember 21, 2020 23:06


Trump speaks to his supporters in Ohio

Donald Trump is in Dayton, Ohio to discuss the topic of “fighting for the American worker” in the midst of his 2020 reelection campaign.

Very few fans wear masks at the crowded semi-outdoor event.

Later in the night, he will address his supporters at a rally in Swanton, Ohio.

Alex WoodwardSeptember 21, 2020 22:54


TRUMP ON HIS PICKUP SCOTUS: Five women are being screened very carefully

Donald Trump, who is pressuring lawmakers to confirm his appointment to the Supreme Court less than six weeks before Election Day after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, told reporters that his administration was studying five contenders “very carefully.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta reports that Amy Connie Barrett was at the White House on Monday.

The President said, “I have one or two that I think are all great, but I have one or two on my mind.”

He is expected to announce his appointment as soon as Friday of this week.

Alex WoodwardSeptember 21, 2020 22:32


Manhattan County attorney: fraud allegations, Trump tax plans warrant grand jury questioning

Admitting in court documents for the first time that his office is filing a case against Donald Trump over allegations of tax and insurance fraud, Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance says the allegations and investigations from news outlets into the president’s financial condition are sufficient to warrant a grand jury prosecution.

Documents filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals on Monday reveal the scope of the investigation, which has been implicated in appeals and hearings over tax documents for more than a year.

The prosecutors said, “Thus, even if the grand jury examines the truth of the public allegations alone, such reports, taken together, fully justify the scope of the summons to the grand jury in this case.”

The office also urged the federal appeals court to reject the president’s “recycled” arguments to prevent the release of his tax returns and other records.

Trump and his lawyers described the requests as “too broad,” an argument the US Supreme Court rejected this summer.

Alex WoodwardSeptember 21, 2020 22:06


Democratic voters appear to be rallying behind the replacement of the Supreme Court as the main issue

A recent Morning Consult poll may refute theories that Donald Trump has the power to select a Supreme Court candidate who could rally more Republicans than Democrats in the November vote:

Chris RyotaSeptember 21, 2020 21:24

1600 710 620

Analysis: A Republican victory in the Supreme Court battle could mean millions lost on health insurance amid a pandemic

John Bennett writes: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell may be bound forever soon if the late Supreme Court judge’s death ends the president’s forty-fourth outstanding achievement in domestic politics: Affordable Care Act.

The risk is likely seismic: Millions of people could lose their health care in the midst of a pandemic. All sides in the upcoming battle royale over how to proceed to fill the Supreme Court seat that she left behind are taking positions and lobbying, broaching strategic possibilities and offering creative versions of history and precedent.

Most Republicans in the Senate want a simple majority vote on a candidate Trump says will announce as soon as this week before the end of the calendar year. Democrats say they are hypocritical because the Supreme Court ruling prevented Obama from choosing him during his final year.

Democrats only seem to have extreme options as viable tactics to block confirmation hearings and voting before this unprecedented year ends. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday refused to issue rulings on prosecuting the president or even William Barr, the attorney general who Democrats say has used his position inappropriately to help Trump’s friends and unfairly use federal law enforcement against US citizens.

Chris RyotaSeptember 21, 2020 18:50

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