Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers is out for 4-6 weeks with a sprained ankle

Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers is out for 4-6 weeks with a sprained ankle

CHARLOTT, NC – Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers has not given up for this season even though he was expected to miss four to six weeks with his right ankle sprained, and he doesn’t want his team-mates to give up because of the zero -2 never.

“The last thing I want this team to focus on is negativity,” McCaffrey said less than 24 hours after suffering his first major NFL injury during his 31-17 loss at Tampa Bay. “ Football, especially in the NFL, can have a lot of factors that can affect your mental, emotional and physical play.

“We lost two games, not because we are a bad team. This is something that can be corrected or injured or not. This team has a lot of fighting. Our team has a lot of flexibility. We have the right men to pick it up from here.”

McCaffrey, 24, echoed what Donette Jackson had said on Sunday about his continued qualification capacity. That’s why McCaffrey opened a Zoom call with a statement about staying focused on fixing the bugs that led to two losses.

He said, “We have the men to win.” “We have put ourselves in a position to win two consecutive weeks. We have shown that we can win. We just have to do it.

“I wanted to address that first because there is a lot of talk about how we will be as a team. Well, we have the right culture. It’s still early, and there is still hope.”

McCaffrey said he would attack his injury as he hoped his teammates would attack their next match against the Los Angeles Chargers.

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“The biggest thing we can do is stay strong and fight through it,” McCaffrey said. “They say four to six weeks [to recover]. Well this is a challenge for me. I hope to be back much sooner. “

McCaffrey said it’s important in the world of negative social media to remain optimistic.

“There is a lot of noise that can be heard from outside, and it is so important not to listen to these things and focus on football and not overpower ourselves,” he said after the Panthers committed to four turnovers in the loss to Tampa Bay.

“The biggest thing we can do is stay strong and fight through it. They say four to six weeks.” [for him to recover]. Well this is a challenge for me. I hope to be back much sooner. ”

Christian McCaffrey

NFL first-year coach Matt Rowley also focused on staying positive despite McCaffrey’s loss. He said that the Panthers wouldn’t switch off their attack just because they lost the most dynamic player in the league.

“Mike Davis is a key player in the National Football League,” Roll said of the 27-year-old who will replace McCaffrey. “He went out there [Sunday] And they achieved some wonderful milestones. Was physical. He was ready when his number was called. He will play well in the absence of Christian. “

McCaffrey did not return after slipping to the sidelines after 7 yards, a fourth downturn that brought the deficit down to 21-14.

McCaffrey said he developed an ankle irritation in the late third trimester and then stabilized during the pre-4 break. He said the ankle was getting worse and that after landing he and the coaches both agreed that it “wouldn’t be effective if you keep playing.”

“It’s bad to be 100 percent transparent,” McCaffrey said. “Anytime you get injured, it’s horrible. You play football to play soccer, not sit down.”

Rolle felt the pain of McCaffrey when the two sent a post-MRI text message to McCaffrey on Monday morning.

“I hate it for him,” said Roll. “Nobody wants to be there and play more than Christian. He had this for a reason. I’m sure he’s rehabilitating him now. I spoke to him earlier today, and I’m sure he will be back as soon as he can as he can.”

The Panthers made McCaffrey the highest salary in the NFL during the holiday season with a four-year extension, $ 64 million at an average of $ 16 million per year.

Rhule and Attack coordinator Joe Brady said that during the pre-season period, the attack was built around McCaffrey, who last year became the third player in NFL history to push 1,000 yards and get 1,000 yards in the same season.

But Rhule refused to lose more Pro Bowl again than any other player.

“I care about our players more than just football, and more than just winning,” Roll said. “ So when a guy gets hurt, whether he’s a really talented player or a young man clinging to him as the 53rd man, I hate to see him.

“Christian is a special player. But most importantly, he’s a special person. I know how much he wanted to be there for his team. After the match, he was upset because he wasn’t there to help us at the same time. The end.”

Replacing McCaffrey wouldn’t be easy. He has scored four out of five team touches this season and has 156 yards out of 216 yards. He led cheetahs to receptions in the previous two seasons with 223 poachers.

Davis, picking San Francisco in the fourth round from South Carolina in 2015, has one dash to one arena in limited play time. His power came on Sunday as the future. He had eight catches for 74 yards.

Davis has experience starting out, six out of 10 starting his career in 2017 in Seattle. The Panthers are also looking to bring Reggie Bonnafon from the coaching team.

“We’ll keep doing what we’re doing,” Rolle said. “Mike can manage the football. He can catch the ball from the back court. When he got in there.” [Sunday] We didn’t change what we did. He made the most of his opportunities. I’m sure he would do the same [this week]”.

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