Trump mocked the complaint about how he is running the country, given that he is running it

Donald Trump was mocked after he complained about how the country is being run, even though he runs it

Donald Trump was mocked after he complained about how he was running the country, even though he was running it.

The outgoing president took to Twitter and continued to complain about his electoral loss to Joe Biden more than a month after his defeat.

If someone cheated in an election, which the Democrats did, why not cancel the election immediately? How can a country be run in this way? ” he wrote.

Mr. Trump refused to concede to Biden despite his defeat on the crucial battlefields he needed to win a return to the White House.

His recent complaints on social media were ridiculed by users.

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo tweeted, “Sir, you.”

Designer Geoff Tiedrich added: “Maybe you should cry more. He’s very generous and presidential.”

And the author, Rick Newman, added: “Many have been calling for this for four years. How can a country be run like this?”

“Trump wants to talk to the country manager, who will be him,” jennyrachelpal wrote on Twitter.

He made false allegations of voter fraud in states like Pennsylvania and Georgia that went in favor of Biden and rejected his leadership.

But his attorneys failed to provide any evidence of such fraud in the lawsuits filed across the country and received a string of defeats on behalf of the president.

State officials in all the states that were the battlefield have rejected the fraud allegations and have already endorsed the results.

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