Here’s how you can start playing now

Here's how you can start playing now

Cyberpunk 2077 It’s finally set for release tomorrow after it was first revealed in 2013, but if you’re looking to get to the game a little early, you can do so now. Assuming you’re looking for Cyberpunk 2077 On Xbox, some fans have discovered an alternate solution that lets you dive into Night City at this very moment.

Spotted before Andy Robinson from VGCHowever, those who have an Xbox console can cheat their system for letting them play Cyberpunk 2077 Immediately by simply changing their area. You see, it’s technically December 10th in certain regions around the world. New Zealand, in particular, is one of the first countries in the world where history turns before everyone else. With that in mind, if you go into your Xbox settings and simply change your region to set it to New Zealand, Cyberpunk 2077 You should then become available to play. This gambit should work on both the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S platforms. The only important thing is that you’ll need to make sure you download the entire game beforehand.

Obviously the only downside to this whole mode is that only Xbox owners Cyberpunk 2077 This situation can be taken advantage of. Those looking to play on PlayStation, PC, or even Google Stadia will have to officially wait until tomorrow. However, we are only about six hours away in the US from when the game will open, so you can definitely find something to do to pass the time until then.

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Indeed, one of the things you can do is check out our own review Cyberpunk 2077. Tanner Deadmon reviewed the game for us here at and gave it a rating of 4 out of 5. Despite some problems with the game overall, Tanner said, “It’s still nearly impossible not to get hung up. Cyberpunk 2077 More specifically, in Night City. ”If that’s the title you’ve been passionate about for some time, it should meet your expectations.

if. what about you? will you play Cyberpunk 2077 Once launched later tonight? Or will you take advantage of this particular trick here on Xbox to get right now? Do let me know either down below in the comments or by sending me a message on Twitter Trustworthy.

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