Trump keeps raising millions of donations: Where does the money go?

Trump keeps raising millions of donations: Where does the money go?
President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump are benefiting financially by keeping the electoral fraud story alive.Brunopress Image

‘DrThis may be the most important email I have ever sent you, ”President Donald Trump wrote on December 21 to donors and to anyone else interested in subscribing to his campaign team’s email list. Then Trump requests money to make fair elections possible.

Donald Trump long ago lost the presidential election on November 3. However, he sends out every day An average of five emails begging his supporters. If I include text messages, then the number sometimes reaches thirty. It is common for US politicians to charge before elections so that campaigns can be conducted with advertisements and rallies. But with Trump, the number of requests for donations has only increased since his loss. This is very unusual.

In November, Trump raised more than $ 170 million in donations. This is more than I have ever picked up. His old monthly record dates back to September – just before the election – when Trump earned $ 81 million. Trump has now amassed a total of 210 million since losing the election.

Defense team

With this money, Trump claims to be funding a “defense team” to prove that the last election was “stolen” from him and that he is, in fact, the legitimate winner. This is while both the courts and the US Department of Justice have ruled unequivocally that there is no evidence of widespread electoral fraud.

‘I am“I want to provide you with an update of our ongoing efforts to uncover the major voting irregularities that occurred during the long, ridiculous November 3 election,” Trump said in an email on December 21. “As President, I have no higher duty than to defend the United States Constitution. That is why I am determined to protect our electoral system – which is under attack – but I cannot do it on my own. I need your help. Please contribute $ 5 now to the battle for the integrity of our elections,

Similar messages flow around the holidays. BThe Keeping Up is somewhat the same: Trump is telling his supporters that massive election fraud has been committed. Donors are needed to highlight this fraud.

Private expenses

But the defense fund that Trump claims he’s recruiting for does not exist at all. The media in the United States To work out what is really happening to millions, Trump is now in the possession: 75% go to the Trump Policy Action Committee (PAC) that was formed in November. Accurate literature says he can thus finance future political activities. This new move is called Save America. Only 25 percent It goes to a Republican commission that, among other things, pays off the remaining campaign debts and funds lawsuits as well.

The average donor who thinks he’s making money into a defense fund for the 2020 elections is not aware that the vast majority of his donation will go to Trump’s new political movement in the future.

There are a few rules Trump must adhere to when spending the money that comes now. By law, he is not permitted to spend money directly on his re-election in 2024, but for example on ads intended to tarnish the image of other Republican candidates or to support someone (such as one of his children). Thus Trump remains a major force in the Republican Party.

Trump also has a lot to gain from the private sector. He may also use the money to pay private expenses or pay salary for himself or his family. Trump can put that money to good use. He owes at least $ 1.1 billion to his companies. Over the next four years, he will have to repay 420 million of that amount. Creditors panting in the neck.

Profitable business

So Trump’s main motive to keep the electoral fraud story alive is that it will earn him so much money that he can spend so much on things that suit him.

As more and more party members leave the sinking ship – for example, Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell recently congratulated Joe Biden on his victory – there is also a group of questionable figures about Trump who support him in his lies about election fraud. Reason? It also potentially turns out to be profitable for them. The donations that are now flowing can be used to pay or support employees.

Hardcore Trump supporters are not anxious about how their donations will be spent at the moment. Of course, they hope to use the money to challenge Trump’s loss in 2020. But if that doesn’t work, it is okay if the money is used to increase Trump’s chances of being re-elected in 2024.

We must see if Trump will really spend the money on a new political movement or whether self-enrichment is more attractive to him. In this regard, the lessons of the past do not bode well. As president, Trump has been very comfortable about the line between business and private spending. For example, he would pay millions of dollars in taxes on his own hotels if he or world leaders stayed there overnight. From Trump’s perspective, work and private life are inseparable.

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