BNR looking back | The best articles read abroad in 2020

BNR looking back |  The best articles read abroad in 2020

The Brexit list, while looking ahead to 2019 this year will be the story of the year. It just didn’t work. Corona dominated the news and there was also a bit of an important election, right?

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1. Direct American Election Blog

Man, man, man! You guys are not like American policy addicts. Since you’re glued to screens, KEY RACE alerts by Wolf Blitzer and of course the BNR live blogs, you’ve been watching the US election and not just a little bit. The election may be over by now, but the news about it is far from over.

2. “The second wave has started in Germany.”

In a regular year, the word “golf” in relation to Germany refers to a car (pronounced au-to), but this year no. The second wave aura was something everyone saw coming, and the only question was when.

3. The Swedish corona’s approach appears to have worked

“Look at the Swedes, they are fine,” was a phrase I heard often this year. Opinions are still divided, but you were very interested in how these Swedes were able to do it with a little bit of action.

4. France turns red and red due to Coronavirus: Mouth masks are mandatory in Paris

France becomes redder and redder. No, not for all the Dutch who got sunburn on the Cote d’Azur, but because of the Coronavirus. The corona map of France was kind of a traffic light that has been constantly jumping from orange to red this year.

5. The US embassy apologizes for the entry ban

We suddenly wanted to go to the United States, but suddenly it turned out that that was no longer possible. The US embassy told BNR that the Americans closed the borders until the end of the year. After a little fuss, the embassy returned, saying, “Sorry, this won’t happen after all. Come on!”

6. France wants to make masks mandatory in closed public places

In the Netherlands, there has been a long debate about the use of masks, as a temporary solution that has become mandatory on public transport. In France, they were more careful about wearing masks and wanted you to wear them in all public places. Tan streaks can suddenly appear on your face on your vacation in France.

7. The British are closing the borders

These British people still control their borders, and that is without Brexit! Although you can go to Great Britain if you go into quarantine in the first two weeks.

8. ‘Defeat of perception finally arrives at Trump’

The elections never seemed to end. Joe Biden is sure he will win the election and the inauguration will undoubtedly take place on January 20. But Trump still wants to try to profit from his enemy.

9. Correspondent from the Russian Fire Headquarters: They don’t want prying eyes here

From an almost unknown town called Syktyvkar, reporter Just Busman reported on the coronavirus hotspot in Russia. “Obviously, they don’t want any prying eyes here, and they certainly don’t want foreign journalists.”

10. Donald Trump retweeted the call for the resignation of a senior medical advisor

Anthony Fauci was the reasonable voice in the Corona debate in the United States, but President Trump did not like him. Fauci wanted to see tougher measures, mandatory masks, and closed schools. On the other hand, Trump wanted to keep the economy going. Fauci’s resignation has always been in the air, but the doctor is still in place.

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