Tour of Luxembourg with Ford Mustang Mach 1

Tour of Luxembourg with Ford Mustang Mach 1

Beautiful nature, beautiful castles, cheap fuel and challenging roads. What more could a car enthusiast want? Huib de Vries and Maurice Volmeyer took a gas-guzzling old muscle car to Luxembourg for some good old fashioned fun. On the way they looked at the capital, which, like the Mach 1 Mustang, turned out to have two sides.

In fact, we can also call Luxembourg a little Switzerland. Unspoiled nature, inspiring vistas, gorgeous roads, mountain passes, thriving population. Quiet, calm and stable, thus perhaps a bit boring. And yes, Luxembourg is small. The Grand Duchy is the smallest country in the European Union if we exclude Malta and has a population of just over half a million. Just like The Hague. Along with the Swiss, Luxembourgers are among the richest people on earth. According to the International Monetary Fund recently, Luxembourg has the highest GDP per capita. It is not surprising that we notice many expensive cars along the road. You can also fully enjoy all that these cars have to offer here, because Luxembourg is a paradise for car enthusiasts. Yes really, it still exists. This paradise is just around the corner. What do we say? In our backyard! Three hours drive from downtown and you are there.

The cars are relatively cheap, the fuel is legendary and the driving is great. Of course, near the Belgian Ardennes we also find beautiful, rolling roads, but in Luxembourg, the asphalt is also ideal. Everything is in perfect condition and…it’s empty. There are no hordes of convertibles and motorcyclists as there are in Belgium’s Eifel and Ardennes. No, here you will find yourself behind the wheel of a beautiful car, in front of you is a curvy black asphalt strip that opens and sometimes you do not see any of the other road users for miles. A true drivers paradise. We even suspect that the Luxembourgers were mulling over the inability of the many twists. Sometimes we imagine ourselves on a track, the track is very beautiful. Mountain paths with hairpin bends Battle with long and winding roads to attract the attention of a fun motorist. These harsh bends aren’t our Mustang territory, by the way. Yes, if you want to drift with that rear switcher you can, but a hard pull on roads with long curves will suit him better.

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low tech

Ford currently sells more Mustangs than ever before in our country. huh? With these gas prices? Silly joke. Ford does well with the Mustang Mach E. It’s an excellent electric crossover, but of course it’s not a Mustang. Not real. Makhna Gray 1 – The devil is in the details, it’s a monogram – it’s real. This is the fastest production Mustang officially sold in Europe. The five-liter V8 generates 460 horsepower and is good for 529 Nm of torque. And hooray, our version was equipped with a TREMEC six-speed manual gearbox. This requires a strong hand, because the billiard ball button poker has short strokes, but the change is very difficult.

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