Top 5 Crypto Fashion Tips for Bitcoin Summer

Bitcoin Münze neben Sonnenhut und Sonnenbrille

With the new summer collection of Your Majesty do not start? Still need a gift for your friend who’s down a crypto rabbit hole? Or are you finally ready to let your secret foreplay with Bitcoin out into the world?

Not a problem. We’ve looked for you and selected the best fashion accessories to show your passion for blockchain.

1. Classic: Bitcoin T-Shirt

Close to the heart, this is how true Bitcoin fans want to wear the orange logo on their clothes. So what could be better than a good classic T-shirt?

Anyone who is fully convinced that the No. 1 cryptocurrency will undoubtedly fly “to the moon” can also wear it as a statement on their chest.

The more minimalist version with the Bitcoin logo is simple elegance, while you get the full hype of the crypto space with this shirt.

If you want to celebrate the artistic birth of Bitcoin, you can conjure up the Genesis Block of the Mother of All Cryptocurrencies at the top with this version.

2. To get a cool head: the Bitcoin cap for extroverts

If you want to make your passion as obvious as possible, wear the legendary letter B on your head.

With this Bitcoin cap, you not only protect yourself from the sun, but also from misunderstanding whether you belong to the Bitcoin or Ethereum team.

If you can barely save yourself from your cryptocurrency fortune and want to tell everyone you meet, this alternative is highly recommended.

3. Warmth: Satoshi Coded Winter Socks

Have you consumed so much FUD and FOMO that you feel cold again? The legendary combination of sandals and socks can also come in handy in summer. Only the smart foot warmers are missing, right?

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The classic Bitcoin logo on a dark blue background forms the perfect symbiosis of the brown leather of the Birkenstock sandal.

With this alternative, a portion of the green paper money is saved directly – it should be clear which pair of socks goes in the wash first …

4. Helper: Bitcoin Bag in case you can no longer carry your own satoshi

Lots of BTC that you have little square or yours ledgers Already too heavy to carry? We have thought of you.

This bitcoin tote bag takes the burden off your shoulders and helps you collect your coins easily.

Of course, you shouldn’t be carrying your hardware wallet with you – here are some security tips to keep in mind.

5. Elastic: a bitcoin ironing board if you want to get creative on your own

Do you have any old T-shirts that can be reinforced? Not a problem! With this bitcoin patch, all clothing and accessories sparkle with a new orange light.

You don’t even have to buy a new shirt. feature? If you want to buy Bitcoin, you have a little money left to do so on eToro, for example.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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