Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends for 2020

As the evolution of technology continues to grow rapidly, it’s crucial for several trends in digital transformations to take place. In the past, there was nothing like the internet, robots, or other innovations that we use nowadays. These digital transformations have changed the way we live, as we make use of it in achieving benefits.

The digital transformation trends continue to take place. Nobody would have completely predicted what would have happened in 2020. A lot of transformation has taken place recently, starting from the introduction of the fifth-generation wireless network to the development of new digital currencies in the Blockchain network.

Trending digital transformations in 2020 are:

  • Fifth-generation mobile network

The fifth-generation of mobile networks is a remarkable breakthrough that supersedes the old trending fifth-generation of mobile networks. The fifth-generation of mobile networks often known as 5G enables people, machines, and other devices to connect virtually together. 

The 5th generation of mobile networks was introduced a couple of months ago and already trending among the top digital transformation trends. Even as the features of 5G continue to trend, according to our superior Péter Deli here, the development of the next network innovation known as the 6th generation is ongoing and won’t be long before its introduction.

  •  A.I (artificial intelligence)

Even though it’s been long since the introduction of artificial intelligence known as A.I. However, the rapid advance of Artificial intelligence has improved the ability of machines to mimic, recognize, and utilize human-like intelligence in solving problems.

Microsoft Power BI –

Power BI is a business intelligence tool administrated by Microsoft. It means to give intelligent perceptions and business insight abilities with an interface basic enough for end clients to make their own reports and dashboards. If you want to generate insights for your organization, you can choose from any industry-based Microsoft Power BI Certification to get a better understanding of its working. The evolution of artificial intelligence in machines continues and it’s promising that there will be extraordinary breakthroughs in the future.

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  • ChatBots

Chatbots are popularly used nowadays as conversational agents. It’s very resourceful in conversing through voice and text commands. The evolution of chatbots has reached the extent of making use of artificial intelligence in interpreting messages and processing a reply.

  • Virtual reality

With a digital transformation trend like virtual reality, which is a simulated experience that is similar to the real world. Virtual reality computer simulation has made it possible for people to make use of electronic devices to interact and perform actions in an artificial environment. These electronic devices for virtual realities come with a special screen designed as goggles along with fitted wears that has sensors for manipulation.

Virtual reality has contributed effectively in game development, which has benefited a lot of gamers as well as a popular casino gaming industry and even in some EU countries like Hungary. has continued to serve as an internet service to people globally. There’s no doubt that as long as virtual reality continues to dominate among the top digital transformations, amazing online games for casino trends 2021 will continue to emerge.

  • Social media

As the digital transformation continues, social media remains a popular technology that allows the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and information. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have been ranked among the highest service users utilize globally

  • Cryptocurrency

Ever since the introduction of cryptocurrency, it has continued to impress people globally. Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency has made a remarkable breakthrough in it’s stock price in 2020, which has increased its popularity more than ever!

  • Blockchain
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The development of blockchain has shown remarkable signs of taking over processes and operations at reputable industries. With the use of blockchain, several problems that are associated with violation of privacy have been solved with its ability to keep data created secure and untraceable.

  • Digital marketing (SEO)

Digital marketing with search engine optimization(SEO) has continued to trend throughout the Internet. The implementation of SEO in digital marketing has made the process of generating traffic easy. For business owners, it’s the perfect method for attracting potential clients.

  • Internet branding

The use of the internet has gotten popular and businesses have found it beneficial as a platform for attracting potential buyers. However,  for this to be possible, online branding is necessary for the business to be recognized throughout the Internet.

  • Internet of things (IoT)

The Internet of Things continues to get popular everyday because of the advancement of technologies. For example, the use of thermostats, sensors, and other innovation aids in making the world convenient.


As the above top 10 digital transformations continue to trend in 2020, it indicates that more amazing technologies will always emerge as the most digital transformation initiatives.

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