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Broken PlayStation 5 console is inevitable. This has been reported by iFixit enthusiasts on their website.

IFixit’s maintainability researchers have disassembled the DualSense controller and analyzed its design. As a result of testing, experts identified an issue with drifting gamepad sticks for PlayStation 5 and concluded that DualSense has a limited service life. To find out what causes a breakdown of an accessory for a Sony console, experts examined a potentiometer – a variable resistor used in game console consoles.

As a result of a gamepad study, it was revealed that the RKJXV potentiometers in each stick were welded to the control board through 16 connections. It turns out the components are manufactured by the Japanese company Alps Alpine, and similar potentiometers are used in gamepads for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Experts found information that the corresponding components have a limited life of about two million cycles. With experience, the masters have discovered that the game console’s potentiometers make around 100 full revolutions per minute. Playing on PS5 for two hours a day will deplete portions of the gamepad after 25,000 minutes or 209 days. The iFixit report says: “DualSense doesn’t have to fail after the specified time – it might crash early or run without fail for years.”

The message says that the drift sticks PS5 owners have complained about is due to several reasons. First of all, potentiometers are worn out and, over time, their spring-loaded mechanism expands, creating a new “neutral” point, where the algorithm reads the gamepad’s position. Also, DualSense issues are affected by the flow of dust and moisture under the device.

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In short, experts have advised users to bear in mind that any gamepad can fail over time. They also recommend contacting Sony Support and Authorized Service Centers for warranty repairs or DualSense replacements.

Earlier, American players filed a lawsuit against Sony. PS5 users demanded that the console manufacturer acknowledge the massive problem with the console and compensate for moral damage. A serious issue with the PlayStation 5 – DualSense stick drift affecting gameplay – was spoken again in mid-February.

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