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The owners of the Xiaomi flagship have complained about a serious malfunction of the device. This is stated in the GizmoChina edition.

Journalists found comments under the posts of company president Lei Jun on social networks. Several users are informing the CEO of Xiaomi that their smartphones are in poor condition. Owners of Xiaomi Mi 11 complain about a certain irreparable defect, due to which the motherboard of the phone literally burns out.

Also, several flagship buyers have reported that the device gets very hot when performing certain tasks. According to experts, the problem might be related to the heat removal system. As of this writing, neither John nor his company have officially responded to customer complaints.

In addition, the authors noted that some Xiaomi Mi 11 users complained about the smartphone’s high power consumption and low battery life. For example, the owners of the flagship said that they could not play games on the phone, because after a few minutes its body heated up to the point that it burned their hands.

Xiaomi Mi 11 was presented at the end of 2020. The device gets a 6.81-inch AMOLED display, the flagship Snapdragon 888 processor, from eight GB of RAM, and a triple camera with 108, 13 and 5 megapixel lenses.

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In mid-March, iFixit fans disassembled the Xiaomi smartphone and talked about its devices. Experts have found that the screws to which Mi 11 components are attached are of the same type and can be loosened with a standard Phillips screwdriver.

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