Today, the paid Google Photos started, the free storage space is only 15GB



After reaching the 15 GB limit, you must purchase Google One to increase your storage capacity. Image / Document

Jakarta – Starting with 1 Jui 2021, The Google You announced that it will start limiting the storage of photos on your Google account to a maximum of 15 GB. After reaching the 15 GB limit, you must purchase Google One to increase your storage capacity.

mentioned the edgeFor each account, Google provides 15GB of free storage space. Over the past few years, Google has kept an unlimited number of images for free as long as you allow them to be compressed to 16 megapixels.

However, starting June 1, 2021, The Google Include photos in their storage accounts. Once you reach the 15 GB limit, you will need to purchase Google One for additional storage space.

Google One currently starts with 100 GB storage for 285,000 rupees per month (285,000 rupees per year) and continues up to 200 gigabytes for 427,000 rupees per month (427,000 rupees per year) or 2 terabytes for 142,000 rupees a month (1.4 million rupees) in the year). The 2 TB plan also comes with a VPN for Android phones.

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Before you start using Google One, know that there are many mitigating factors that Google provides to its users. Photos you upload before June 1, 2021, don’t count toward the 15 GB limit.

Also, if you have a Pixel 5 or earlier model, you can still upload “high definition” photos and save your storage without affecting your 15GB limit.

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In the near future The Google It will launch multiple devices to help users estimate how much storage space is available before they have to purchase Google One.

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It will also help you in places where the photos are too blurry, the videos are too large, and other items that might take up storage space.


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