TikTok reveals the formula for editing photos taken in the sun with iPhone

TikTok reveals the formula for editing photos taken in the sun with iPhone
Knowing how to use editing tools is essential to producing photos like this one by photographer Scott Woodward that were taken with the iPhone 7 and were awarded the prize.

In recent years, social networks have shifted from being a space for sharing messages, ideas or opinions to an online showcase of photography, with filters and other editing processes taking center stage.

Although many people do not want to accept it, itThe best pictures that can be seen on the web have at least a touch of editing, which solves some problems of noise inside the image, such as low light or, conversely, overexposure to it.

For this reason, it is not uncommon for the same social networks to appear day after day with new tricks or Tips So that its users can view the best photos with the best finishes and, of course, the best editing.

An example of this is the new “gimmick” that is becoming popular on TikTok, Who just needs a little knowledge of photography and iPhone For stunningly finished photos, especially when the photo is taken in bright sunlight.

In fact, this method is so special that many of the most famous “tiktokers” within the platform have already made their own videos, amazing results appearing after applying what was considered a “magic formula” in the release. mobile phones.

The idea of ​​this “hack” Be able to project the light from the sun onto people’s faces and bodies without creating a dazzling effect, but on the contrary, the character of the character is the protagonist of the picture. In short, what is meant is that sunlight is responsible for defining the silhouette of people without interfering with the aesthetic details of each one of them.

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The first thing to do to achieve this professional effect is to take a picture in which the person is the hero, be it Photograph Or a photo taken with the back camera of the cell phone. after, after, The brightness and brightness of the image will be raised to the maximum. Now, with that light-saturated image, it remains to play a bit with other details like shadows, saturation, warmth, black point, reflections, color, and intensity, to achieve the desired effect.

However, as expected, even after making all these settings, the image will still display an overexposure effect which will be fixed, specifically, Return the exposure and brightness of the image to zero.

The idea is to achieve a contrast between the person and sunlight.  Photo: TikTok / @Kawehi_
The idea is to achieve a contrast between the person and sunlight. Photo: TikTok / @Kawehi_

This is the equation with the exact data used by the “tiktokers” in their photos:

Exhibition: 100

brightness: 100

Highlights: -32

shades: -26

variance: -30

brightness: -15th

black point: 10

saturation: 10

intensity: 8

warmth: 10

Matiz: 29

sharpness: 14

Attribute definition: 23

It must be remembered that the last step to be able to finish editing the image is to take the first two attributes (brightness and exposure) and return them to zero.

In this way, all people who want to feel special under the sun will be able not only to adapt the environmental conditions of the image to achieve this task, but also They will also perfect their silhouette by doing the impossible: highlighting more than the sun itself. So, it’s time to grab your iPhone, open the editing tool and start playing with the pictures in your gallery, in order to surprise all your contacts on social networks.

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