Tijink Wellink: The formation of negotiation cannot be fully revealed

Tijink Wellink: The formation of negotiation cannot be fully revealed

Tomorrow and Friday, Tjinek Willink will speak to seventeen parties in the House of Representatives. It doesn’t go from large to small in order, as usual, but from small to large. It does so because they have a “new perspective on developing a new management style”. So first, it was the turn of the odd fractions.

“Pure propaganda does not exist.”

On the eve of his first talks, he announced that the formation of the government would not be announced. “The negotiations, frankly, do not exist.”

Tjeenk Willink must find out if the crisis of confidence in the political The Hague can be resolved and pull the formation out of stagnation, after scouts Cagsa Olungren were photographed two weeks earlier with a formation note under her arm. He read, among other things: “Omtzigt: Do you work elsewhere?”

In an effort to get to the heart of the matter, the House of Representatives finally agreed to disclose all accounts of the conversations the former scouts had with faction leaders. But that does not mean that the formation of the government led by Tignink Willink will be overt, he says. “I do not rule out saying at some point: Are there things that we should discuss privately?”

Back room policy

At worst, official support asks to come out for some time. The Minister of State says this “happens in every successful company”. According to him, this does not mean that there is a behind-the-scenes policy. “Sometimes there are things that you should never write down. People like to think with someone who doesn’t have to explain everything to you.”

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Tjeenk Willink, who was also a detective in three previous vaults, cautions that he has a “somewhat cool memory”. “I remember a lot of unrelated things, I forget other important things and someone else has to remind me.”

‘Not a coalition agreement’

He added that regardless of which parties enter the new government, they will not have to register their mutual agreements in a coalition agreement. The debate over an independent parliament and a more transparent management style also calls for a different coalition agreement.

Tjeenk Willink is given three weeks to break the deadlock that has arisen. Under the new informant, trust must be restored between Ruth and the parties. If that doesn’t work, Rota is ready to lead the VVD faction of the opposition.

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