This week in Licht op Leiden: Honorary University President Magnificus Carel Stolker

This week in Licht op Leiden: Honorary University President Magnificus Carel Stolker

Karel Stalker in Licht op Leiden (Photo: Key City).

This week, Reigns Heroire spoke on Yacht Up Leiden with Karel Stolker. Stolker was the brilliant rector of Leiden University. He was responsible for scientific education and the appointment of professors, among other things. He was also the Chairman of the Executive Council. Heruer details Stolker’s youth, scholarly career and retirement, among others.

The former Leiden University rector was born and raised in Leiden. Stalker studied law in Leiden. After his studies, he started the year 1979 at Leiden University as a lecturer in property law. Stalker has also taught postgraduate education, and has taught attorneys, attorneys, and judges, among others. Stolker earned his doctorate in 1988 with a thesis on medical liability. After teaching in the United States for a while, he was appointed professor.

Stalker assumed his first administrative position in 2005. He became dean of the Law School at Leiden University.
After being an impressive vice chancellor for a while, Stolker became an outstanding dean and president of Leiden University’s executive board on February 8, 2013. After 8 years, he handed the baton to Hester Beagle in February. In farewell, Stolker was appointed an officer of the Order of Oranje-Nassau.

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