This startup aims to give billionaires eternal life with technology to rejuvenate them

This startup aims to give billionaires eternal life with technology to rejuvenate them

Altos Labs, a Silicon Valley startup, aims to rejuvenate people and ultimately give them eternal life. One of the company’s supporters is said to be Jeff Bezos.

Last October, a group of scientists in the Los Altos hills near Palo Alto, California, submitted a business proposal to Russian billionaire Yuri Milner to start a new health technology company. Milner, who made his fortune through Russian Facebook and, is known for his interest and investment in science, particularly in pioneering projects in physics and biology.

The meeting led to the creation of Altos Labs, an ambitious startup that will focus on developing technology to rejuvenate people. Altos will be working on biotechnology that will attempt to regenerate the cells of animals, and eventually humans. This can significantly extend people’s life spans.

Lender Bezos

The company has since established itself in the US and UK, but will also set up offices and laboratories in Japan. Altos is currently busy attracting scientists to all kinds of universities with generous salaries and the promise that the resources needed to research the aging process will be virtually limitless.

This may be true if it is true that Jeff Bezos, the richest person in the world and former CEO of Amazon, is involved as one of the main backers of Altos. This will indeed be the case according to insider reports technology review.

The invention of the “elixir of life”

Altos has already assembled an impressive team. For example, Spanish biologist Juan Carlos Izpesa Belmonte was reportedly recruited. The man used to predict the possibility of extending the life of humans by 50 years, and he mixed the embryos of humans and monkeys.

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Another famous scientist who will continue to work at Altos is German-American researcher on aging Steve Horvath, who studies the biological clock that lags behind people’s age.

In 2016, the Izpisúa Belmonte . laboratory used Yamanaka factors To delay the aging of live mice. He says this breakthrough may one day lead to the invention of the true “elixir of life,” a treasure that the world’s richest and most powerful has been searching for for thousands of years.

Despite the success of the experiment with mice, not all results were equally encouraging. Some mice developed embryonic tumors called teratomas. “While many challenges remain, there is also tremendous potential in this research,” Yamanaka said in an email confirming his job at Altos.


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