Hill didn’t think Verstappen’s reaction was good: ‘This is how it is when you’re famous’

Hill vond reactie Verstappen niet oké:

The incident between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone has been a hot topic in Formula One in recent weeks. The matter was discussed so much that during the press conference in Hungary, Verstappen completely finished with the many questions he received about it. But according to Damon Hill, this response was not good and the Dutchman should respond more maturely to such questions.

Verstappen qualified third in Hungary last Saturday, and during the press conference that day, journalist Tom Clarkson wanted to ask what Hamilton and Verstappen would do if they ended up in the same situation during the race as at Silverstone. However, Verstappen was completely finished and fired from his shoe. “Can we stop doing this? We’ve been here all weekend like this silly He had so many questions about it, it’s ridiculous. Honestly, we’ve already spent all of Thursday answering stupid nonsense, can we stop talking about it please? “

Tough questions are part of fame

According to Hill, Verstappen shouldn’t have reacted this way, nor was he fair to the journalist who asked the question. The former Formula One driver explains in “journalists also that they have the work to do” F1 Nations Podcast. “It is unfair and unrealistic to get into this sport, or any sport that many people follow, and expect people not to ask you questions that you don’t want answered. They will delve into your personal life, your business deals. It has to be when you’re famous and in the spotlight.”

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Hamilton can handle it better than Verstappen

According to Hill, answering annoying questions is part of life as a top athlete, and Hamilton can handle it better than his young rival due to his years of experience. “Maybe Max wants to live a quiet life and enjoy racing without being recognized on the street,” Hill added. “Hamilton, on the other hand, gets to know that life as a celebrity at a young age. He’s learned to live with it, and he’s also better at dealing with it. This is one of the skills you have to develop as a professional athlete,” Hill said.

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