This popular messaging app is set to become a great app

This popular messaging app is set to become a great app

Testing of the new feature of WhatsApp has begun in Brazil

Nowadays, WhatsApp has become an important part of daily life. People keep using it all day long. WhatsApp keeps making changes in its app day by day for the convenience of its users. Now WhatsApp is on its way to becoming a great app. Let us tell you that Super App is an app where you can do many things through chatting at the same time. A feature will be introduced on this basis in WhatsApp. Payment can be made using WhatsApp, communication can be made through WhatsApp, and reservations can also be made on WhatsApp. In the future, through WhatsApp, you will also be able to know where and what is around you.

In fact, WhatsApp is testing a feature. Under this, users will have the option to search only local stores and services on WhatsApp. You can search by category on WhatsApp. For example, you can search for grocery stores or restaurants. WhatsApp President Will Cathcart has tweeted about it.

Let us tell you that WhatsApp also focuses a lot on business features these days. Last year, WhatsApp said that 175 million people around the world use WhatsApp Business accounts every day.

This app business directory feature is currently in the testing phase. It is being tested in Brazil and the company may expand testing in the near future.

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