This is what the international media wrote about Verstappen and Hamilton

This is what the international media wrote about Verstappen and Hamilton

Gazzetta: Max Verstappen is almost perfect, Hamilton is no less intelligent

The largest Italian sports newspaper opened the report with a poignant phrase Practically perfect Max Verstappen, great Lewis Hamilton too, also known as ‘almost perfect Max Verstappen,’ he is no less intelligent than Lewis Hamilton. Sunday afternoon in Austin revolved around the fierce duel between the two title candidates, and the Dutchman was the glorified victor. The pink paper writes: “The US Grand Prix has been decided on the ground and the Dutchman and Red Bull can say they were the best there.” Then the editor on duty talks about Il Grande Finale: the battle for victory and very valuable points: “Strategic duel, fast laps and tire management. Mercedes’ plan seemed to work as Hamilton quickly narrowed the nine-second gap. The attack is coming? Feelings prevailed, but Verstappen’s answer came in Right track. He had enough rubber left to keep Hamilton in 1.3 seconds, just enough to get 25 points. That can be very useful.”

The tense battle was also reflected in the report’s figures. Verstappen received a full 10 for his performance: “He let Hamilton go at the start, knowing that Red Bull has more speed. In fact, he was so smart that he pointed out the best strategy for Perez! In the final he did nothing wrong when Hamilton came close. With the remaining Five races, the biggest goal is to get closer and closer.” The Briton receives 9.5 from Italian editors for his performance.

Bild: The Flying Dutchman wins in a tactical competition

“Verstappen thanks Taktik-Trick”, German headlines picture. To add immediately: “WM-Führung ausgebaut.” The most important aspects are named right away, starting with Red Bull’s tactics. “On a strategic level, this team is a little bit more cunning than Mercedes, which managed to fend off Lewis Hamilton’s attack.” As is known, this attack was already initially launched in the Circuit of the Americas. “Wheel-by-wheel goes up in the first corner, almost hitting a new touch, but in the direction of the second corner, Hamilton ensures the lead.”

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This fun won’t last forever. With two weak splits, Red Bull managed to turn the tide, although Verstappen still has to complete 26 laps for a while. “When Hamilton goes out second on lap 37 again, he will be nine seconds behind the Flying Dutchman. Seven laps to the end i.e. only two seconds, at the start of the last lap even one. However, that is not enough.. “This last note means that Verstappen can now count on 12 points in the World Cup. After all the plot twists this year, no one would dare talk about “Vorentscheid,” even though it does give Verstappen some air. “The race in Austin is also the eighth of the year he’s won.”

Sky Sports: A very important victory for Verstappen in the title fight

true picture Avoid conclusions about the title race this time, Britons Sky Sports We could talk about a “big win in the F1 title race”. “With an impressive win in Austin, he was able to double his lead in the championship,” continues the service journalist. “In another exciting duel between the title candidates, which will run until the final round of the race, Verstappen withstood the pressure of chasing Mercedes to claim his first victory in F1 in the United States. And that is at a very important stage of the racing season.”

“Although Hamilton managed to outmaneuver his pole rival towards the first corner, Red Bull was able to respond with two early stops.” This approach gives Verstappen the lead, although it doesn’t make it easy to keep calm in the final stage. “Mercedes is keeping Hamilton out longer to enforce the tire advantage. After his last stop he has also been able to catch up quickly, although Verstappen knows how to keep him off the DRS – and that has proven to be crucial – and he is also keeping his tires good enough attack to stop him.” It is the outcome of what Sky Sports “High chess”, i.e. high level chess. “We shouldn’t get too far ahead of things, but this win definitely comes as soon as possible, as Red Bull maintains the momentum in the title race. [in Turkije] Looks like he lost a little. “How different the world could look in two weeks…

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L’Equipe: Verstappen didn’t do everything right, but he did the most important thing

The French editor also had a great time, as the report’s opening notes: “In addition to pulled pork, brisket and margaritas, there was something for everyone in Texas: a fierce old-hands battle between Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen, some interesting historical memories with Daniel Ricciardo leading his forebears. Idol Del Earnhardt (Monte Carlo Chevrolet 1984). And a great strategic duel between the two best drivers of the moment, where the young man outperforms the old. ahead of the rest of the field.”

Where Gazzetta rewarded Verstappen’s performance with a full 10, L’Equipe is slightly more important with an 8. He explained that result as follows: “Max Verstappen didn’t do everything right in this race, but he did the most important thing: win. The first thing that went wrong It was the start. Or, as he put it, the perfect start for Lewis Hamilton. Did the medium tires not work? He went on lap 11 to try the bottom kick and got off the hard tyre. The choice paid off, three laps later, after the Briton stopped, he had a lead six seconds. The progress he will keep until the end, despite his opponent’s strong comeback.”

However, the French editors are more critical of Mercedes, which got only 4.5: “Just like in Turkey, the German team was beaten in the pits. This is an area where they have often proven their strength in the past, and many of their victories have been achieved by “Make no mistake strategy. In Texas the Briton started perfectly by taking the lead from the first corner. Then he got undercut by Verstappen before his second extended mission was over. As his tires were eight laps newer than the Dutchman’s, his team expected him to rejoin by three laps.” He only got close enough to the leader on the last lap, but took advantage of overtaking Mick Schumacher to activate his DRS as well. Without being able to make an overtaking attempt, Hamilton crossed the line in second.”

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