This co-op game is my best of the year so far

This co-op game is my best of the year so far

Steam reviews don’t lie. Well, sometimes that’s when review bombing happens again. However, it’s basically an excellent indicator of whether a game just looks pretty or whether the content lives up to what the packaging promises. In our daily editorial work as well, we often look at the first reviews when it comes to an unknown title that has already been published.

Marilyn Marks

Marie is currently a bit tired of huge open worlds and mega titles and most of the time she plays some standalone gem which she then has to tell everyone about with enthusiasm. She loves games that feature fun sense of humor, self-deprecating, and well-written characters. All three of these qualities can also be found in Today’s Insider Advice.

That’s why I’m surprised none of my colleagues noticed this secret collaborative tip, which has been through the blanket of a Steam review since its October 21 release. 99 percent of positive Steam reviews with nearly 1,000 submissions submitted. Sure, it can’t compare to the 65,000 reviews for Call of Duty, but for a very special indie game, the number is impressive.

A special indie game? And how! Before I reveal the title to you, to finally satisfy your curiosity, let me briefly explain to you why it is so special with the help of Steam reviews:

Choose your own adventure

Now that I hope I fixed something for you, I’ll also tell you the title: The highlight of the year so far is called Monster Road Trip and it combines resource management with great dialogues, great graphics, and yes, even a bit of dating. . Unlike its predecessors Monster Prom and Monster Camp, the dating aspect is very small this time around and the focus is on the adventure part. So before you say this game is not for you, listen to me a little.

Do you still remember them? Choose your own adventureBooks in which you always had to decide how your story should continue? For each turn you took, you lost or gained points for different stats. This is exactly how the basic principle of Monster Roadtrip works.

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The best thing you can do is watch the trailer:

Monster Roadtrip: trailer showing who and what awaits you in this crazy adventure


Monster Roadtrip: trailer showing who and what awaits you in this crazy adventure

You can click through a series of dialogues and have to decide over and over which stop to make, what to do there and how you react to the different scenarios. Of course, you can go with your gut feeling and choose the most ridiculous or funniest option, but you should not completely lose sight of your position values. Because: if one of these values ​​reaches zero, the game is over and you can start over.

Not losing your soul or all your money on a road trip is not that easy, because it is not always clear which stats it increases or decreases. Often you have to use the answer options to guess the value hidden behind them. And if that’s not enough, you also have to increase the value to 25 points to reach the end of your road trip.

give and take

You get +2 to Magic because the hole is calmed down by the knowledge that strange tourists are planning something. But you lose -2 to your soul for throwing such criminal evidence.

torment of choice

In the individual stations you can decide what you want to do. Sometimes it actually shows you which values ​​you are improving or aggravating and how the points are distributed. The yellow mark with two arrows indicates an equal exchange of positive and negative values. A blue shield with white arrows pointing up means that you can determine your profits and losses. You never know if you win or lose more.

your goals

If you reach 25 points in one of your stats and survive until the end of the week, you will reach your goal and thus one of the ends in the game.

Depending on the decisions you make and whether you find the love of your life on the street on the way to your destination or pick him up on a break, you’ll experience one of the 38 endings, all of them sometimes more, sometimes less crazy.

Not without my passenger

Crazy is not just the characters themselves, but in fact every line of dialogue you’ll read in the game. Monster Roadtrip, just like its intellectual predecessors, has managed to keep up with the mix of silly ideas, clever jokes and up the ante with plenty of real-life parodies that are almost too close to reality at times.

It creates a complex economy based on microtransactions.  This is the hot shit in mobile games right now, so gamers should love it, right?

“It creates a complex economy based on microtransactions. That’s the hot bullshit in mobile games right now, so players have to love it, right?”

This is one of the reasons why not only me, but the entire Steam review community is so excited. Another is the cooperation system, which has also been expanded compared to its predecessors. If you don’t feel like going alone, you can start with up to three other friends. You have all the freedoms in the world. You can meet together online or locally, and decide if you want to share a console and if you prefer playing cooperatively or against each other and how difficult it is.

For example, in Friend Hugger mode, no one is crowned as the best player or gets a bad ending, while in Prank Master mode, additional tasks are assigned to be completed. The three different levels of difficulty also help with fine-tuning.

With the current gas prices soaring, we've turned to magic.  Unfortunately, we ran out of that too.

With the current gas prices soaring, we’ve turned to magic. Unfortunately, we ran out of that too.

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The best part about teaming up with friends isn’t deciding whether to play against each other or together, but being able to experience a wealth of journeys and stories together at the same time and discuss options. What is the status value behind the decision? Would you rather shoot a goose at the police or pretend to be an undercover cop to avoid punishment? The exciting thing about multiplayer is not the gameplay itself, but what you make of it.

The perfect co-op game – not just for fans of the series

Unlike its predecessors, Monster Roadtrip takes a completely different approach. Far from focusing on dating, toward more resource management and sometimes really tricky games that are more fun with friends. Because of the simple controls and Easy to understand, hard to master-Effect You can also have friends or family in front of the screen here, who have nothing to do with video games.

Thanks to a broader adventure approach, the series is now finally open to everyone who hasn’t been able to do anything with love relationships between monsters, but at the same time like weird and humorous stories and appreciate good dialogue.

The authors were able to get just about every joke and every line of the text right. They cleverly capture current topics like the Metaverse or current gaming journalism and scrutinize almost every development in pop culture you can think of. At the same time, you are fond of individual characters. In my opinion, not many games can do this, which is why it is the highlight of the year for me.

In Steam reviews, many have lost their hearts in favor of two seasons. You will have to figure out why on your own.

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