This AI can make a person in an old photo follow your movements

This AI can make a person in an old photo follow your movements

Earlier this year, social media users briefly took over The Application deep nostalgia my heritage Located Life of old photos. right Now a company who develops behind artificial intelligence Will carry deep nostalgia, D-ID that it One more step forward Transferrtiendo Pictures inanimate of people. from the public en víGods that moves as you like And they say things.

by As realistic as MyHeritage’s Deep Nostalgia results were, the feature had its limitations. Has stepped up picture The person and the algorithm Analyze it its orientation To determine the direction they were looking for head and eyes. Andthen select United nationsDuo in Small set of “saw”Gods Drivers and its use How do A reference for creating AI-generated animations. Users had no control over the movements The video was born and the topic is not No attempt to speak.

at recent days TechCrunch Disrupt 2021D-ID revealed a more advanced version of Deep Nostalgia called talking picturesAnd It can take inanimate photos move and talk next Video A native, An audio clip or even a text file with written text.

there will be Two flavors are available from Speaking Portrait. Single Portrait can convert the photo into a talking head, but the movements will be limited to the head only; Anything else in the image without cropping, including the person’s body and anything in the background, will remain static and spoiled. possibly influence credibility.

The A more advanced version of Speaking Portrait is character trained and requires video rather than a still image 10 minutes for a moving person Performing a specific set of movements and saying certain things, as defined by a set of guidelines established by the D-ID. The results, as seen in this previous sample of a Presenter From the news that the story tells, it is more real and credible than it is one picturetags appear by deepfake, Including blurred edgesOs and unusual disfigurement on the face. trained personality Advance also Extra flexibility to switch Background and the possibility to move a person’s body, such as arms and hands.

Deep Nostalgia in MyHeritage looked more promotional tool another thing; a form ofBringing new users to different site services. But Speaking Portrait has much greater potential, Not only for those who seek mobile alternative for your meetings Zoom. Technology can ensure that news organizations always have a “live” presenter available for the latest news, even on the Meta site. At night, but you can also let someone give news in Languages ​​they don’t actually speak. It’s our app too I saw other companies who – which face manipulation With Artificial intelligence making dubbed movies Other languages ​​seem more natural, which makes Mouth and facial movements match the new dialogue.

There is Reason to worry about how quickly deepfake techniques will advance? Of course, but now that they have matured and are easier to use, we are finally starting to see the potential benefits of the technology, apart from its problems..

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