These spiders perform a synchronized pop-and-lock dance while hunting | National Geographic

These spiders perform a synchronized pop-and-lock dance while hunting |  National Geographic

Another fascinating discovery, Janson said, is that spiders can adapt their behavior to a situation. If a small insect, causing more subtle vibrations, is caught in the web, then the spiders must synchronize their movements to detect their prey. But this was not necessary with a large insect, which causes large land movements.

“It can be compared to people talking in the room,” says Jenson. “If the sound is too faint, everyone should continue to hear it. But if there is a huge explosion, there is no need.

Spider Parents: They’re Just Like Us

The discovery raises some interesting questions, says evolutionary biologist Lena Grinsted, a senior lecturer at the University of Portsmouth in Britain who was not involved in the study.

You wonder if all spiders are equally inclined to synchronize, or if there are cheaters too. This is an aspect of social animal behavior that is still under investigation.

Grinstead, who has conducted research on social spiders in South America, Africa, Asia and Africa, Europe, said the study is a good reason to highlight an unknown species that “does not quite live up to all the stereotypes that exist about spiders.”

So are social spiders like a. eximus Especially because it allows spiders and other insects to stay in their webs.

I often call them hippie spiders because they are quite laid-back and tolerant.

Eight-legged social friends are also a kind of adoptive parent; They not only take care of their young, but also take care of their offspring in their area. After a successful hunt, the mother spiders also take food for their arachnid babies.

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“They just sit up and vomit small bits of liquid food,” Grinsted says. “Then the young crawl up to them and drink from the mouths of the females.” According to her, he’s “really cute.”

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