These are the novelties of the lock screen on your iPhone

These are the novelties of the lock screen on your iPhone

Since the beginning of June, developers have been able to try out iOS 16 beta versions to customize their apps. The public beta version has been available to all interested and brave users for several weeks. One of the biggest innovations in the new iOS is a modified lock screen, which should be completed in the fall. Rearranged notifications are just a small detail of what’s new. Here you can find out what is hidden in the settings and how you can use the new lock screen features.

iOS 16: A Quick Look at the New Lock Screen

The most obvious change to the new lock screen is the notifications that now appear at the bottom of the screen. Due to a larger clock, the visible area at first glance for messages is reduced. This can quickly lead to wanting to turn off spam altogether to reduce the massive volume. As usual, you can easily do this by moving the spam message to the left and deactivating the future view in the options. The well-known “Scheme Overview”, which was already available in iOS 15 and can be activated in Settings, can also help with the arrangement.

The first real novelty is the so-called live activities. Apple already offers some preconceived notion about this. So you can follow the timer or snooze from the alarm right on the lock screen. In a later update to iOS 16, third parties will also be allowed to use Live Activities in their apps. This should appear later this year.

A preview of live activities can already be seen in iOS 16

This option is aimed at developers of sports applications, for example, who can view the live status of a football match here. But apps like Uber or Lyft can also display the current status of a called vehicle. This information is then available for retrieval directly on the lock screen. The app no ​​longer needs to be opened explicitly again and again.

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Multiple lock screens for your iPhone

The biggest novelty is undoubtedly the lock screen customization in iOS 16. For example, you can configure multiple lock screens. All you have to do is hold your finger on the lock screen for a long time after unlocking. You then not only have the option to create a new screen, but also the option to switch between them.

The first step in creating a new lock screen is to choose the wallpaper. Apple offers a variety of pre-made suggestions here, but you can also easily select one or more of your own photos.

Multiple lock screens in iOS 16
iOS 16 allows creating multiple lock screens

Once you decide on the background, you can modify the design of the time, among other things. There are different fonts and colors to choose from. But there is another important novelty.

The iPhone manufacturer took inspiration from the intricacies of the Apple Watch and brought it to your smartphone’s lock screen in the form of widgets. The company makes it even easier for developers. Programmers can use the same technology for both iOS 16 and Apple Watch intricacies. There should soon be a large number of gadgets available on the iPhone.

Apple already provides several previous widgets, which should suffice for most everyday purposes. In addition to the weather, you can also add a calendar, reminders, activity episodes, or the status of your smart home, among other things.

Widgets on iPhone with iOS 16
Widgets on the iPhone? iOS 16 makes it possible

Above the time, you can not only display the date but also brief information in one simple line. There is less time space for up to four larger tools. If you choose two larger elements, there is only room for two UI elements.

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Some observers believe that these widgets can be permanently visible on the always-on display expected of the iPhone 14 Pro. To see the next event on your calendar, you may not even have to wake up your smartphone screen.

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