There is no such thing as saying goodbye panorama

There is no such thing as saying goodbye  panorama

It’s painfully accurate three weeks before the US presidential election. Bernie Sanders, the senator who defeated presidential candidate Joe Biden in the Democratic primary, says in Tonight Show Presenter Jimmy Kimmel exactly how the elections will go. “I suspect states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin have a lot of voting by mail,” he says. For very bad reasons, those votes are only counted on election day or even after the polls close. Statistically, Democrats, unlike Republicans, prefer voting by post rather than the polling station. So it is quite possible that the first results will mainly show the Republican votes from the polls, because the Democratic votes by mail have not yet been counted. My concern now is that a distorted image will appear. Republicans are logically leading the way in Pennsylvania and Michigan, President Donald Trump – the Republican – appears on TV and says: We won the election, thank you America! And then, if it turns out that after the mailing ballots are counted he hasn’t won after all, he will shout things like: Stop counting those votes in the mail, because election fraud is on the way committed! I hope I am wrong, but I fear the worst. “

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a glass ball

We don’t know where Sanders bought his crystal ball, but it works. Because that is exactly what happens. After the polls close, the first results arrive. Both Trump and Biden won states that were traditional red (Republicans) and blue (Democrats). For example, Trump triumphed in states like Texas, Missouri and Oklahoma and quickly the entire heart of the American countryside was turned red; Biden, who served as vice president during Barack Obama’s two terms, wins in populous states like California and New York. So it’s a classic battle as we see it all over the world: city versus countryside, progressive versus conservative, youth versus old. However, it comes to situations where the score is not thrown conventionally, or so called swing States. States true In one election the Republicans won and one election later the Democrats. The countries Bernie Sanders also talks about: Pennsylvania, with big cities like Philadelphia, and Michigan, including Chicago, but also countries like Wisconsin, Nevada, and Georgia. And in those states in particular, Trump took the lead right after the polls closed, after which he appeared on television at 2:30 a.m. local time in Washington. “We are preparing for a big party,” he says confidently. But suddenly everything is canceled, while we are winning everywhere. We go to court to stop counting. We don’t want any voices to appear somewhere at 4 in the morning and they’re still allowed to participate. “

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Half the world, including public figures within the Republican Party, don’t know what to hear. Stop counting? Is this really what the current president of a democracy is saying, “the best democracy in the world” as many Americans think? Is not every vote important in the elections? Isn’t this all a play of the worst kind?

In fact, the stage begins a few months before the election, when Joe Biden is one street ahead of Trump in the polls. In states that allow voting by mail – and this is not the case in every state, because every state sets its own electoral procedures – it is the Republicans who are opposed to early counting of postal votes. Nobody knows why, they probably have a good reason for it, everyone thinks without looking into it. If they only had it, that could be said with today’s science.

I promise to be a boss who doesn’t try to divide, but rather to unite. Who does not see the red and blue states, but only the United States

Murder and fire

Country after country, vote by vote, Joe Biden crawls closer to Donald Trump, until the moment Biden comes over, passes Trump, wins beautifully after the votes are counted. As Sanders expected, Trump screams kill and fire. “This is a deception against the American people,” he said. “This is a shame for our country.

We are preparing to win this election. In fact, we have already won. “

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