Football 2020 in numbers: expect improvement | 1 Limburg

Football 2020 in numbers: expect improvement |  1 Limburg

The Limburg Football Year 2020 will not go down in the history books as a good year. However, football fans received the necessary fireworks.

VVV-Venlo, Fortuna Sittard, Roda JC Kerkrade and MVV Maastricht remained active in the same competition in which they started 2020, which can be explained partly by their own performance and partly by the competition cutoff due to the Coronavirus. Time to take stock of the numbers from the Limburg clubs and the Limburg football champions who are active outside the province.

No spectators
the number Bad The “number of spectators” is mentioned more often on the pages of teletext than we would like. Due to the Coronavirus, fans have not been welcomed on the stadium in many matches. The stadium doors will only be open to the elect, club staff, and people from the media. Understood but a shame, because some of the football magic has disappeared. Even when the few thousand spectators were welcomed at the start of the new season, the difference was noticeable.

Two Jansen Awards
2020 was an excellent year for Dominic Janssen of Hurst. She won with her club, VfL Wolfsburg two Awards: Bundesliga and DFB-Pokal. A third prize could have been added, had it not been for the fact that she and her team lost the Champions League Final to Olympique Lyonnais. Janssen has been elected to the UEFA Champions League Team of the Year and also has a chance at the UEFA Team of the Year. Additionally, the central defender is an undisputed enduring value among orange lionesses.

The third time is charm
Never before has a player from Limburg scored three Time in his first appearance in the Dutch league. Until Sunday, September 13, 2020. Georgios Giacomakis reported to the front in VVV-Venlo, and made the Greek almost empty by scoring a goal three times in VVV’s stunning win over FC Emmen (3-5): complex shot, penalty kick and mark Sublime. Giacomakis proved the rest of the season that this was no coincidence. After fifteen league and cup matches the counter was 12 goals. In other words: the Greek scores a goal every 106 minutes.

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Hope Stevens
to me the fourth Once in his career, Huub Stevens went to work at Schalke 04. Because when there is a crisis in Gelsenkirchen – an increasingly common phenomenon among Königsblauen – Stevens automatically appears in the picture. Also under Knurrer von Kerkrade, Schalke lost in the Bundesliga against Belfield, to remain in the final league. Stevens wins with the Blue and Whites at the Olympic Cup. For now, these are the only two matches Stevens has coached this season.

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Six patrons
No Dutch club has ever played with him before six Shepherd on the chest of the shirt. But this year MVV Maastricht changed that. Admittedly, the six different companies that appear at the front of the kit cannot be recognized without a closer look, but they are really something new in Dutch football. Nevertheless, the team from the provincial capital continued to top the national news, in a year when the sports performances were not very encouraging.

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Hofland sacked
His first official job continued as a head coach nine matches. Kevin Hovland was appointed head coach of Fortuna Sittard last summer, the club he grew up in as a player and in recent years – on paper – an assistant coach has made an important contribution to the club’s advancement. As an official, he has not won any of his eight league matches with Fortuna; Only in the cup he won from Kindergarten. Hovland’s poor league performance cost his head: the club’s management put him on the street on November 11th.

Fortuna General Manager Ivo Pfennings about Kevin Hofland’s resignation Football Dinner on L1 Radio:

After a short interim period, it became apparent that Hovland’s assistant Sigurs Alte, who had previously coached Hovland as his assistant, was definitely the “new” head coach. This may sound strange, and it may be, but the decision is paying off: ten Fortuna has earned points in four fights under him. Willem II, Heracles, RKC and Woicke were beaten, in Utrecht there was a draw: an excellent year-end streak. Perhaps Fortuna, despite flirting with foreign coaches, now – or “again” – has the right man at the helm.

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Thirteen blows to the stick
No longer dependent on it in 2020, Thirteen Goals against her in one professional match. It happened with VVV-Venlo on October 24th, against Ajax, which meant the biggest defeat in the Dutch league ever. Commenting on L1 Sports Radio, Rick Kramers was already feeling damp in the 0-4 first half score, but after the break he announced that he would prefer to mention Vinlose’s goals against two goals each time. This is how it went quickly for De Koel, where turmoil and shame were great. Fortunately, Hans de Koning’s team managed to knock FC Den Bosch out of the Cup after a few days: 4-2.

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Son of Marc Van Bommel
No 18 Year-old Thomas Van Bommel opened his professional soccer goal account on October 30th. Thomas, Marc Van Bommel’s son, did so in a good moment, because his goal in the 93rd minute left MVV Maastricht on the maximum point of the match against Helmond Sport (1-1). Note: Father Van Bommel also scored his first goal in professional football against this club. Mark was only 17 years old at the time, but he did not diminish Thomas’s delight.

23 league matches
It’s simple that we haven’t had the most successful year in Limburg football history, but VVV-Venlo, Fortuna Sittard, Roda JC Kerkrade and MVV Maastricht made the team so cheerful between September 25th and November 7th. Knew together 23 Successive league matches for not achieving a single victory. An unfortunate series that came after MVV’s 3-0 victory over TOP Oss, and ended nearly a month and a half later when VVV-Venlo beat Heracles Almelo with squeaking and squeaking: 3-2.

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Goalkeeper debuts as a striker
33 Not only is Max Verstappen’s starting number, but also his namesake shirt number is a bit less well known, Eric Verstappen. The latter Verstappen earns his livelihood as a goalkeeper with Würzburger Kickers, who plays at 2. Bundesliga, but due to the Corona outbreak in the selection, the goalkeeper’s offensive qualities were called up in December: he kicked off in the 90th minute. Brought the bank as an additional striker to make up for a 1–0 deficit. This plan proved unsuccessful: the opponent hit Darmstadt 2-0 on the other side.

Jos Luhukay reached the record books as a coach for FC St. Pauli, but not the way he wanted it. Hamburg, which struggled with relegation, was not doing well. Luhukay pulled all stations and preferred 37 Different players, a record of the season. It turned out to be enough not to land. Luhukay got another name: he was the first coach in German professional football to change four players at the same time. Due to the Corona epidemic, a maximum of five substitutions can be made temporarily instead of three in a duel. Despite all these firsts, he bid farewell to St. Pauli and Luhokai in the summer.

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Ajax Bear Shores player
Bear Shores seem to have won a race 40He became a Limburg man in the Dutch national team. Interim National Coach Dwight Ludwigs has called up the man from Neustadt, but unfortunately it was not Shores’ official debut. However, it looks more likely to be postponed than canceled, as Shores has grown to be a key player in Ajax’s defense in 2020, and despite the fact that some important notes have been broken, he appears to be playing better and better, both in the Dutch league. Or in the Champions League. He is seeking to play his international debut in the main Orange Championship in 2021.

Watch how Bear Shores is being put into the spotlight:

Almost 50 international goals by Lake Martins
Not a single footballer or footballer in Limburg has scored like Leaky Martens in the Dutch national team jersey. Thanks to three goals in eight international matches in 2020, Nieuw-Bergense’s counter is now on 47 International goals. It was a great year for Martins, because with her club Barcelona, ​​she won the First Division and the Spanish Super Cup. In the UEFA Champions League, it was also accurate against PSV in December.

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Limburg clubs together knew the aggregate of this in 2020 87 Earn points. Remarkably, the score averages for the four clubs are very close to each other. The MVV had an average of 0.80 points per game, Fortuna 0.91, Roda 0.92 and VVV exactly 1 point per game. Of course, it’s worth noting that Fortuna and VVV did it at a higher level, but the four numbers aren’t entirely impressive. There is work to be done in 2021.

Derby Roda JC-MVV
From 91 The most exciting seconds in Limburg professional football for 2020 occurred at the Roda GC-M derby in Maastricht on January 13th. Quinn Custons 0-2 in the 88th minute, an impressive mark, seemed to guarantee their first MVV win in Kerkrade since 1991. Nothing could be further from the truth. And in the 90th minute, Roland Aalberg hit the goal after a back pass by Joe Sherwin, in stoppage time Ike Ojbo signed with 2 goals to 2. Some fans at the time were still allowed onto the field on their way to the exit, but they quickly came back. To the stands to witness the unforgettable lockdown of the derby.

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Almost 200 goals against
Are we still talking about the Limburg goals balance for this calendar year? Come on for a moment. The most striking number is 193 Goals against the four main ships of our provincial football fleet. It relates to an average of two goals per match. It’s very easy to just point to the thirteenth position VVV-Venlo had to contend with, because the MVV (58 in 26 dueling) on ​​average took more hits than Venlo’s team (49 in 22 matches). Fortuna definitely scored the fewest goals against him (42 in 22 games), while Roda had the most “close” defense, with 44 goals in 26 games.

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win over
Fortuna Sittard ended an unprecedented long streak without a victory on foreign soil this year. continue 726 Days, but you also have something: in Almelo on December 11th, Heracles was 1-2. It was their first away match since December 17, 2018, when Fortuna won the De Cuyp by Feyenoord. So the victory was sweet, especially since Fortuna had only one shot on target, but scored two goals. Heraclied Marco Rente assists his own goal, then Sebastian Poulter makes the decision with a nice goal.

The last number in the review is an estimate: Millions euro. It appears that at least two of the four clubs will be able to count on an investment of this scale in the coming years: Fortuna Sittard and Roda JC Kerkrade. Turkish media mogul Acun Ilicali’s acquisition of Fortuna is expected to be finally completed in 2021, while Roda already includes an additional annual investment of 1.5 million euros by the wealthy Phoenix Group that the club wants to bring back into the Dutch league. MVV is now opening the door to the investor more and more, while VVV hopes to be able to count on wealthy entrepreneurs in the region.

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