There is an agreement, what next? Five questions and answers about Brexit | right Now

There is an agreement, what next?  Five questions and answers about Brexit |  right Now

The Brexit deal was struck on Thursday, but what happens now? Why did it take so long for the deal to close and what do we notice about Brexit in the supermarket? Questions about Brexit have been raised through NUjij. These are the answers.

What are the odds that this deal will become a reality? Several parties have yet to give their consent. How does this process continue?

The European Parliament, member states and the UK Parliament still need to give their consent. The British are still doing it this year. President David Sassoli has already said that the European Parliament will not make a decision on it until after the end of the year. He did not provide any guarantees that Parliament would agree.

Therefore, it is not certain that all the competent states and parliaments will agree to this. Sassoli indicated that the European Parliament would deal “responsibly” with the new agreement. Yet he appears to be hinting at “yes”. Kate Perry, MEP, told PvdA that Parliament wants to study the agreement carefully first.

In the British Parliament, a large majority appears to favor the deal. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed his admiration for the deal. It seems logical that his Conservative Party supports him. Labor said in a response on Thursday that it would agree. With support from both sides, there is already a majority.

When does the agreement enter into force? Has the transition period been extended now?

In fact, there isn’t enough time left to put everything in order before January 1. The European Parliament will not meet again until January to approve or reject the deal. But the transition period will not be extended. At least officially, because that’s politically sensitive. Hence, the trick to getting around this sensitivity is a reasonable possibility.

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It is expected that the parts of the agreement necessary to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible in the new year will come into force on a conditional basis. You could call this an extension, but it won’t.

Is the fact that there is a surprise deal now related to the closure of freight traffic in recent days? Did the British terrified of the chaos and did they take over?

The blockade is mainly due to the emergence of a new type of Coronavirus, so there was no direct effect. The logistical mess may be a vivid example of the potential consequences of Brexit without a deal, but both negotiating parties had known for years that Brexit without a deal would be very severe.

Why have the UK and the European Union been so concerned about fishing rights, which make up a small part of GDP?

Fisheries have received a lot of attention in recent months as it turns out to be one of three major points of contention. This was in part because it became a token part of the Brexit deal. The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union because it hopes in this way to gain more say in what is happening on its territory and in its waters. The fisheries negotiations were specifically about who could access those British waters after Brexit, and more importantly, who decides. That is why this was a very important negotiating point, especially for the British.

Will English beer now cost more in the supermarket?

There is an opportunity. Transporting goods across borders becomes more complicated. Truck drivers need the correct export documents and customs and their cargo can be checked. Not only does this make exporting goods from the UK take longer, but it may also cause delays.

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As carriers have to comply with more formalities to be able to move their cargo across borders, transportation costs are expected to increase as well. This, of course, is transmitted to the consumer. It’s not yet clear how much you’ll notice in practice, but your English beer can certainly get more expensive.

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