Theme of the game: Wisconsin Badgers soccer in Michigan

Theme of the game: Wisconsin Badgers soccer in Michigan

First of all, welcome to college football on Saturday. It was two long weeks without Badger on TV but now, we have football, men’s hockey and men’s basketball on the same day as the dang! Here’s information on the default melee in red and white:

The men’s hockey team is also on TV tonight and will look to continue the season-long closing streak that sits in, uh, one game after beating Notre Dame 2-0 Friday evening

Finally, we get to the main event! The No. 13 Wisconsin Badgers (1-0 overall) is in Ann Arbor, Michigan to take on the Michigan Wolverines (1-2 overall) in a prime time match on ABC. The Wolverines have lost two games in a row and are in desperate need of a good performance against the Badgers. On the other hand, Wisconsin will be looking to get rid of rust after canceling the last two matches due to the COVID-19 outbreak among players and staff.

As we mentioned elsewhere on the site, we don’t know exactly who will be on the Badgers Team roster and who is still in the COVID-19 protocol and who should sit down. Once we learn any details, we will fill them in.

If Graham Mertz is under the Wisconsin Center, he should find it easier to swing back in the swing of things than the others on the team because Michigan pass-defending has been horrible this year. The Wolverines also have a checkered defensive line so hopefully the Badgers will start running after they fought out of the gate against Illinois.

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On defense, Badgers will be brimming with talented and faulty midfielder Joe Milton. Milton has a set of sprints to hand over as well, and he can also run yards if needed. Despite Michigan’s struggle this year, their fights with Wisconsin are often so close, tense, and regardless … it’s always good to beat Michigan.

Here are the team expectations for the game:

Bob: 35-21, Wisconsin

Ryan: 10-34, Wisconsin

Tyler: 17-31, Wisconsin

Owen: 31-24, Wisconsin

Bills: 31-27, Wisconsin

Neil: 33-21, Wisconsin

Rock: 42-30, Wisconsin

Drew: 30-21, Wisconsin

Kevin: 38-24, Wisconsin

JJ: 45-35, Wisconsin

Neither Wisconsin nor Michigan has released a depth chart for this game, so we’ll post another fun fact here instead:

  • The Michigan midfielder who threw the most yards in a game against Wisconsin was none other than … Current coach Jim Harbo! He ran him around the field to 310 yards in 1986 in a 34-17 UM win.

Update, Saturday November 14, 5:22 pm CST

Update x 2, Nov 14, 5:47 pm CST:

Outside players as reported:

De Garrett Rand
And Josh Seltzner
RB Jarrett Grochik

CB Rashad Wildgus is not on the depth chart but his condition is unknown

P Andy Vujnovich is off the field in uniform

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