The “Yellowstone” series “1883” recorded its best appearance in years

The "Yellowstone" series "1883" recorded its best appearance in years

1883 is one of the most-watched premieres in years, in the past six years anyway.

1883, prequel on YellowstoneIt was the largest US premiere of a series in the past six years.

The Taylor Sheridan series follows the Dutton family on a journey across the Great Plains in hopes of reaching what is considered the last stronghold of untamed America. It is a retelling of the expansion into the West and a study of how a family attempts to escape poverty.

Huge debut
1883 cross from Yellowstone, which follows later generations of Duttons. Nielsen says the series has drawn eight million viewers on television. where Yellowstone It started in 2018 with an audience of just under three million viewers, and there’s a lot to look forward to.

1883 Even breaks records. Deadline reports that it was also the premiere of the most-watched series on streaming service Paramount+. And if you look at the live linear reviews, you’ll see 1883 Yet it managed to capture about 4.9 million people.

It’s the biggest premiere since 2015 on American cable television. AMCs in the badlands It was then the biggest premiere ever the walking Dead It premiered what was then one of the most watched series.

know as well 1883 65% of the audience who watched Yellowstone. Not easy.

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